25 Game Chat Ban After Being Harassed

[SCREENSHOT ADDED] You can pretty well tell what was going on from the chat log without seeing everyone else's chat. One game of chat logs in a game i was being blamed and harassed every minute by MY ENTIRE TEAM. But ya let's punish the person who stayed calm despite being harassed the entire time. Guess I am just going to have to be one of those people to /all mute at the beginning of every game. Great community you're building here Riot. Quality toxicity control. Game 1 ToxicShaco: im building ap ToxicShaco: thats muh usual build ToxicShaco: why ToxicShaco: i started bot side so it will have to be after i back ToxicShaco: udyr back up ToxicShaco: top@3 ToxicShaco: heal? ToxicShaco: flash and kill i guess worth ToxicShaco: then heal me next time and i wont have to fucking die ToxicShaco: omg ppl i can not be in every ane at the same time and still farm ToxicShaco: just chill ToxicShaco: u have 4 bot and u r still staying ToxicShaco: back ToxicShaco: the ToxicShaco: fuck ToxicShaco: up ToxicShaco: we have to stop taking unnecassary risks ToxicShaco: really ToxicShaco: udyr just play safe i cant waste my time coming top if u cant secure the kills ToxicShaco: ^ ToxicShaco: RIGHT?! ToxicShaco: ive been trying ToxicShaco: everywhere i go he follows ToxicShaco: sorry im not a meta sheep ToxicShaco: i play who im good at not who is flavor of the month ToxicShaco: their jg has ppl helping ToxicShaco: i do know how to jjg lol ToxicShaco: forget just muting all ToxicShaco: not gonig to have all of u blaming me when u all cant help ToxicShaco: im garbage because i backed off a bad fight ToxicShaco: lol ToxicShaco: im getting 100% of the blame from this team xD ToxicShaco: ahri thinks im garbage for backing off of a bad fight and not dying ToxicShaco: im just reporting u all ToxicShaco: not dealing with this ToxicShaco: gg ToxicShaco: definitely not ToxicShaco: if u dont play jg dont act like u know how to plz ToxicShaco: its annoying ToxicShaco: no ur not ToxicShaco: i cant carry 3 lanes and still farm lol ToxicShaco: im use to being blamed as a jg main but holy shit u all take it to a new lvl ToxicShaco: "you cant carry 3 lanes meaning your noob bro" - Varus ToxicShaco: k ToxicShaco: if it helps ur ego to blame me go ahead ToxicShaco: ur 3/8 ToxicShaco: ur irrelevant at this point so plz dont tlak ToxicShaco: k ----------------------------------------- For those saying I edited my chat logs. https://imgur.com/3pleW4n
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