ive been banned for saying fuck this not directly targeting anyone

Game 1 Pre-Game GPgodBanned: adc GPgodBanned: adc GPgodBanned: who is support In-Game GPgodBanned: is that what ur sup get? GPgodBanned: cant outtrade fiora GPgodBanned: fk this GPgodBanned: fuck this GPgodBanned: in going afk GPgodBanned: first i get ganked by aurelion sol 5 times GPgodBanned: in 1 game GPgodBanned: now i get hceesed GPgodBanned: oh i went afk GPgodBanned: when the jax sat in a bush GPgodBanned: with e level 1 GPgodBanned: and flashed on me GPgodBanned: punish fiora GPgodBanned: u defs are u sat in a bush lvl 1 to get a lead GPgodBanned: you ruined the game by sitting in that bush GPgodBanned: u know you cant win laning phase GPgodBanned: so you cheese me GPgodBanned: you sat in a bush lvl GPgodBanned: 1 GPgodBanned: if it were norms why did you cheese GPgodBanned: vote yes GPgodBanned: you cheesed me stop talking GPgodBanned: damn right GPgodBanned: dont have a jungle but still can sit in my lane lvl 1 GPgodBanned: i dont care about my team he picked ekko support GPgodBanned: not me :) GPgodBanned: and besides im not gonna wait the ddoge timer i got another 3 accs to play on in the meantime GPgodBanned: wish i could honour enemy team GPgodBanned: fiora dance off GPgodBanned: ? GPgodBanned: here GPgodBanned: wow your sad morg and pyke GPgodBanned: lmao u can report me but nothing would happen im not inting and im just afk GPgodBanned: if im afk the game auto bans me for 5 games GPgodBanned: go to the t1 store GPgodBanned: lol there is nothign to report me for GPgodBanned: i got oneshto GPgodBanned: what do u mean build torll Post-Game GPgodBanned: well GPgodBanned: got leavebuster GPgodBanned: lol GPgodBanned: s GPgodBanned: itsts aight Game 2 Pre-Game GPgodBanned: tpo GPgodBanned: top GPgodBanned: smash or pass GPgodBanned: belle delphine GPgodBanned: angelina jolie GPgodBanned: uhhh GPgodBanned: lele pons In-Game GPgodBanned: thats not good GPgodBanned: hes so shit lmao GPgodBanned: jayce GPgodBanned: is actually terrible GPgodBanned: lmao GPgodBanned: tf GPgodBanned: u need to get map controll GPgodBanned: and help bot lane GPgodBanned: ur so shit GPgodBanned: you lose lane as jayce and 3 man gank me GPgodBanned: do oyu know how sad that it GPgodBanned: is GPgodBanned: 1v1 me afterwards on kayce GPgodBanned: aurel ur so shit GPgodBanned: OH LETS CAMP TOP AGAIN GPgodBanned: mad coz i won lane GPgodBanned: u gonna keep camping? GPgodBanned: im going afk GPgodBanned: thats it GPgodBanned: im going afk GPgodBanned: your actually sb GPgodBanned: you have ganked me 4 tiems GPgodBanned: report tf GPgodBanned: hoenstly GPgodBanned: Report tf GPgodBanned: HE HAS ULT GPgodBanned: AND DOESNT FOLLOW UP GPgodBanned: OR PIGN MIA GPgodBanned: jayce fight me in coburg your triggering me GPgodBanned: come watch thsi GPgodBanned: wait up Post-Game GPgodBanned: add me jayce GPgodBanned: will 1v1 GPgodBanned: dont buckle GPgodBanned: 1v1 me GPgodBanned: without 2 other teammates GPgodBanned: in my lane 10 times
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