When you intentionally throw the match to "punish" a troll, the loss is on YOU!

NOT the person You Label a troll. The term "Trolling" is being watered down and diluted so much that it is basically being brought down to "you didnt do what I say/coddle to me so you are a troll" and it seems like just the fact that people dare be INDIVIDUALS is now being considered "Trolling" People arent allowed to have indivual thoughts, individual strategies, gameplay Ideas. This communiy has its head shoved so far up its own ass with arrogance and smug "my shit dont stink" attitude that people wonder why the community is so frowned upon. And now its getting to the point where players are INTENTIONALLY sabotaging teammates, INTENTIONALLY throwing matches, INTENTIONALLY working to get teammates banned....to punish them for percieved slights. I played a game where I went kaisa support (not trolling, legitimately trying to win) and My adc who was toxic and degrading from the pregame lobby (yeah if you kick your support into the dirt before the match even starts, you dont get to complain when they dont want to support you) and draven sits back as I get doubleteamed, then says to our jungle "She went kaisa supp with smite so I let her die" So people are intentionally throwing matches to "punish the trolls" on thier match, and then following up with this logic "If you didnt 'troll' then I wouldnt have had to throw/intentionally feed" NO. At that point, if you are intentionally throwing the match out of some self rightous ass-hattery that you think you get a free pass to throw the game because someone doesnt play/build/perfom how you want? Then the loss is on you!. It no longer becomes about the person who you claim is trolling (and again, most of the time these kids are so coddled and self centered that trolling is basically just "I dont like your build/champ selection/strategy. Do what I say or I throw and it will be your fault for "trolling" my game" I am sick and tired of these people who are so high up on thier "im too good for this team" they think anyone who doesnt do what they say is trolling, so of course they feel they can intentionally throw the match and still toss the blame on the 'troll' for percieved slights. If you want to play a game where you can controll everything and everyone on your team, you can controll what they build, how they play, who they play as..... .....Fuck off and go play a single player RPG. Where you dont have to deal with Other actual players. Other human beings, with independent thought. Thier own strategies thier own play styles Go play a single player game where you can control every aspect of your team and brag to yourself just how amazing you are because you got all the kills. I PLay this game to win, not cater to your overinflated ego brought on by your LCS disillusion-of-grandeur YOU throw because you need to punish a "Troll" on your team, the loss is YOUR FAULT, NOT THE TROLLS. Get your head out of your ass.
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