Try and stop players like me riot games..... Try

A player triggered review has caused me to be permanently banned over 12 times and now i just enjoy making people lose ranked games on purpose. I have made countless people lose promos into multiple different ranks and I've even got players suspended because i tilt them so much on purpose they even say stuff against riot's terms of service. I will keep making accounts and i will keep making your game a shitty place for people that just want to have fun and play a video game. I invite riot to try and stop me from making any more accounts because until they do i will continue to make people hate playing this game until this game dies in a few years. Btw this account has already been perma'd so you don't need to worry about this one riot. Please try and stop any further accounts i do challenge you to that and lets see if you actually are a good game company and will do anything in the best interest of the players who pretend to enjoy the game.

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