Examining My Permanent Ban

**Edit3:** Over the past 9 hours, 77.65% of 340 people have voted that this punishment was not justified by my actions. I appreciate you voting, and I encourage you to read the pastebin link below. It contains the full chat logs for games 1-3. **Edit2:** It seems the majority of people think this punishment is too harsh, although a punishment was needed. I have submitted a ticket explaining how I intend to correct my use of text chat in game, and I hope to have my account reinstated as a final chance. Wish me luck, and thank you all for the responses! **Edit:** [Here is a pastebin](http://pastebin.com/ueasKhfj) of the entire chat log attached to my perma ban. In game 2 we got outscaled and tilted off the planet. Game 3 every lane and role got outplayed and the game was done, we all agreed to ff and our top lane left. When reading chat logs, you have to account for context and in which chat the message was sent. Telling your cocky 5/0 opponent that he is horrible is a lot different than saying the same to your 0/4 tilted adc.   I would like to get your opinion's on whether this is worthy of a permanent account suspension. The game was very evenly matched rank-wise (around diamond 3 MMR), however individual matchups were not. Our team had two players, me and my mid laner, who were on their experienced roles, while the enemy team had all five players on their main roles. In this game, all 3 lanes got absolutely crushed. My mid laner became increasingly toxic towards me and blaming me for the losing side lanes. My top laner (bot main) decided to play his second Riven game to-date, even taking the time to inform me of this fact right at the start. My adc was extremely toxic and negative throughout the game and refused to allow herself to be carried. My support ran the wrong runes/masteries. I tried my best to farm it out until late game, but come 20 minutes the game was just too toxic. We tried to surrender, and it failed 3-2. At that point, I was stuck in a lost game with unfocused, AFK, and openly toxic players until 28 minutes. As always, I tried my best until the nexus fell.   Should I have muted chat and shut up? Of course. But when my teammates flamed me, gave up, and then held me hostage for 8 minutes, there was no way to contain my frustration. The intent of a permanent ban is to permanently disable access to one's account, and remove them from the community forever. Was this punishment justified? Game 1 Me: we outscale them so hard Me: fio f Me: stop pushing bot pls. Me: you have no wards Me: and now they have lots of gold. Me: focus. Me: hangon Me: rengar 6 bot Me: care rengar Me: NICE Me: eh Me: we scale Me: why force it? Me: i was nowhere near bot Me: dont force fights. Me: you dont even play riven Me: you should not expect to just randomly win lane Me: just outscale thwem Me: no Me: just outscale. Me: can you guys stop Me: just ward Me: ward and stop pushing Me: thjis game is free unless u feed Me: Report sivir for extreme negativity and toxicity, I am done giving her chances. Me: muted chat Me: ty :LD Me: ^ Me: focus Me: and dont be toxic Me: theyre troo fed Me: just famr Me: hope they dont force it Me: mobis useless we nbeed combat stats Me: u wont be dove if u stay back Me: because u already fed and gave up Me: its ok now Me: u have another chance Me: freeze bot and focus Me: cuz this is second time riven Me: i have to help top. Me: yeah Me: so Me: I dont understand diamond 5 players Me: Second time riven this season she says Me: why even play? Me: im not toxic im trying to focus Me: 80% wr Me: not d5. Me: no one is riven. Me: lol wtf Me: pls yes Me: we cannot win Me: gg guys Me: Report this lb too Me: toxic to me Me: sivir asks why i camp top Me: I say cuz riven is second time riven Me: LB thjinks iom bad cuz i have losing side lanes. Me: What is d5 Me: rofl. Me: tru Me: i lost 4 tonight Me: i thought my mmr was lower Me: rengar u say you are better jungler? Me: just ridiculous ppl waste my time Me: I am diamond 1. Me: you had winning lanes Me: You did not win your lanes. Me: Why are you trying to use that as some sort of leverage Me: if ur seocnd timing a champ in ranked you are d5 skill lvl. Me: idgaf if u d2 Me: bot and top? Me: i had toxic sivir too Me: it took a toll on my mental Me: she gaev up in chat Me: anyways muting Me: this is useelss Me: ff Me: dont waste my time Me: Ridiculous players like sivir and riven even have to queue Me: This is what the ban system needs to target. Me: No Me: Trolls. Me: Second time champs in ranked and giving up early Me: Ridiculous Me: Wont even ff. Me: no i didnt Me: i dont give up
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