plz unban me (if i can getantoehr chacne )

hi riot cmany i recently got permabaned for my adiude and to rode behavior, and i agre on taht but plz i have anger problem issues and i simply cant controle what i write. Its my fault 100% and i agre on ur decision i made a big mistake, and if u give me antoher chance i wont dissapoint u i will never ever flame again, if u see my flame isnta ban me bec then i seriusly dont deserv to be a apart of thsis comunity. I have been palying legue for so long since seas 4 i belive ,was at first sceptilac about the game since i was an adicted dota player but this game turned me around thatnks to this game i found my best friend and gf, we all play together and now i cant join theri fun bec i was toxic, i agre on taht liek i sadi but plz give me antoehr cahcne i wont mess it up trust me i will nenver flame agian ill be the most positeiv and fridnly player that there is . I hope u give me antoher cnache, and if not its also fine since i totaly deserc this it was my own fault and i will nenver do thsi again. Ty for ur time reading this sorry for bad english btw . with friendly wibes CG Putzieee PS my friedn change ym naem into ligma it was CG Putzieee :). o and the stuff i wrote about crack adicts and the post u removed witch i totaly agre on, i simply was to angry and culdnt find any other way to shame someone else except for me i put the blame on other pl isnted of taking it my self if i made a mistake. And now i have learn it the hard way i hope i can get a chacne to prove u that i ahev changed. Etherway ty.
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