Dear Riot

Hey. Just got an email someone trying to hack my Banned account. You know the account you guys banned for the most absurd and ridiculous reasons. Anyways, since I was here, I just thought I'd take a moment to say You guys are hypocrites And your Discipline system ridiculously lacks wisdom of any kind. Be gaming for decades, most certainly since Online became a thing and I have **Never** received a ban in any other game in my entire life other than here. And in all my years of gaming I only ever received ONE warning for "bad" behavior which was in WoW back in 2005 when someone in chat was blurting out racial slurs over n over and I told them where they could go, lesson learned and I never had any disciplinary actions taken against me Ever. Most times people tell me I am a nice and helpful player. Yet in LoL I got nothing but repetitive chat bans, reported for things I didn't do, or just for random reasons. Or for saying the simplest of profanity that anyone with an ounce of common sense and maturity wouldn't think twice about or if it did bother them, they would just use the **MUTE** tab and be done with it. So thanks for **Stealing* the little bit of money I dumped into this game. I hope you spent it well while you guys were sexually harassing your own employees like the **Hypocrites** and low-life scum bags that you are. Anyone with half a brain Knows you guys are lying about your behavioral stats. Anyone who has played more than 3-5 games also knows that is severally exaggerated! Anyways. All good. While a decently fun game, I no longer play it and my gaming life has become much better for it. I went back to happy gaming with very little nonsense and no longer have to helplessly stand by while a bunch of unparented children/Man-Childs have at me and others with little regard to punishment or the smurf accounts you may or may not have banned. Although kinda hard to report groups of 3-4 abusive children when they can gang up and report you and your ONE report gets ignored. So yeah. You banned my Smurf account, but no worries, I no longer play my Main account either. I know this makes little difference in the grand scheme of things, but Since I'm here, why not say my peace before I completely move on. I may toss a light hearted cursed word out on occasion, but at least i'm not some Bigoted, sexist scum bag like you guys. Take care and don't worry, I wont let the door hit me on the way out. EDIT: Feel free to do a quick Google Search and get it from the VARIOUS OTHER SOURCES. This is just the one I found. No worries, I will NOT be coming back again. Saw this and wanted to attach it to my post. Feel free to downvote away children/Hypocrites. Riot is a bunch or Inept, Hypocritical, SCUMBAGS. GOOD DAY! Buh Bye!
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