The Trigger Game

Okay so do try to keep this as light-hearted as possible. So the name of the game is to comment something someone does in game that triggers you. For me it's when someone in ranked is like "It's just a game.","It's just Flex." or "It's not that bad." to brush off the fact that they have done terrible the whole game and pretty much ruined their team's chance of winning. I feel like that's griefing without them knowing and all I can think of is "Why are you even here then?! If you aren't at least willing to try to win why are you even here? Like at this point you're just taking up a role from someone else who probably wants to try and win." P.S. I'm reposting this since the original got taken down from Memes and Games but I am willing to admit I figured it should have probably gone here first.
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