I have had my account since Beta and now it is perma banned. I spent $500 on this account. Riot.....

This really seems very unfair. I have played this game since it was in beta and I played D.O.T.A (the original) on warcraft 3. League took its influence from DOTA, and many original L.O.L workers had originally been developers for DOTA. I am an O.G. of this game, you feel me?!?!?! I play on and off, I've been chat suspended in the past 2 or 3 times back in season 2 or 3 but I have nearly a perfect track record of never getting banned. I had level 3 honor for YEARS. I started playing Shaco, he is super fun, but the community is extremely toxic towards Shaco players. I experienced a LOT of grieving that I never dealt with in the last 10 years of playing this game. I swear on my life that every other game my team would grief and intentionally make my game harder for me. Many people refuse to leash for me as the jungler. I know shaco can do jg without one but it still doesn't change the fact that these kids refuse to help me when I ask for it and then report me because I don't want to gank for them. I don't int, I just go help my other teammates instead. They flame me and the reporting algorithm decides to ban ME because I said the word Fuck and they don't get any punishment. Helping one another is a simple courtesy, and me reacting to them in this manner has never gotten me banned before, until now. That is just one example. There are many things people do to troll me that I honestly never dealt with before. Maybe the community got way more toxic and it's not just hatred for the fact I'm playing shaco. Who knows...... Can you please unban my account? I'm not saying I'm undeserving of punishment I just really don't want to lose this account. I am in the top 1% of original players and I feel this is very unfair. I will stop talking to people who aren't in friends chat since the community seems to have declined dramatically. Starcraft 2 has very friendly games idk what the difference is but I can talk to people all day long on SC and not have the same issues I'm having here.
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