I've been perm'd for over 2+ years at this point

So to begin, obviously toxicity is a problem that plagues this game and no one gains anything from it. My issue is that I was banned for toxicity through in game chat and to be 100% honest, it wasn't me. I know account sharing is a bannable offense on it's own. I had quit playing back in 2015 and my friend continued playing on the account and wanted to use my account because of the skins I had on it (as a young highschool student at the time, i never though he'd be that freaking toxic, in hind site i realize how dumb I was for letting him use it). When he was playing, I didn't have access to the original email and didn't see all of the tribunal reform reports that my account was getting because of my friend, so i missed those valuable opportunities to fix this while i still had the chance. Once again, i understand that account sharing is bannable but can you please not perma ban me for something I didn't do? I just came back to this game because alot of my old highschool friends are playing again and it would be amazing to just be able to play with them again. I've been banned for over 2+ years at this point, and feel as if I have been appropriately punished for sharing my account with him. This is my plea to be unbanned with little to no hope at this point; I'm praying from a Christmas miracle.
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