The Problem with New Champions and the people that want to play it!

When new champs get released everybody wants to play them. My problem is the fact that since everyone wants to play them people go to certain lengths to make sure they get to play them. One game in blind i called jg and hovered neeko, for a few seconds i waited to see what other people called then i locked in neeko. One guys goes gimme neeko or im going to intentionally feed and make this game the worst you have ever had. Since i already locked in im just like "soz dude i locked already". Then he accuses me of instalocking when he said that after everyone had already basically locked their champs in. Now my problem is just if i dodge i get punished with a dodge timer but if i play, i waste 15 minutes but the guy who wants to troll because i didnt give them neeko will vote no so basically 20 minutes wasted. I find it super dumb that im getting punished either way just because some dumb dude wants top lay the new champ. Then the guy will go in chat and call for me to be reported for instalocking. So the chances of everyone in that particular game all reporting him are lower. I dont really mind the dodge queue timer but im just wondering why my fun of playing a new champ is ruined by people like these and there is nothing that realy can be done about it. And since i dont have all the time in the world to play league i can only play so many games. So i dodge and the worst part about that is that now there is no proof of this guy doing stuff like this but i dont have the time to actually play the game and wait for him to troll.
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