14 day ban for defending myself in chat

14 day ban from one game. wew. I'm so confused on how this system works. Literally one of the first few games since I got back from a chat restriction so it wasn't a build up of reports (previous games were great and good vibes all around). Either the threshold at this point is 0 or something in this log filled it to 100%. I played a losing mid lane so any references to mid losing or not doing anything is me telling my team I'm next to useless at this point, don't know if ban bot picked it up as me flaming. Even with no context or full chat logs (it was full of flame towards me but that doesn't matter to ban bot) taking this log for it's face value I can't see anything that could trigger ban bot other then the mid references. I'm literally defending myself and occasionally trying to calm them down (it was kinda weird because one of them kept flipping between nice then toxic) in chat but I guess even defending yourself is construed as flame by the ban bot? Meanwhile both the other flamers got off scot-free (no instant feedback report) despite telling me to uninstall, spamming death timer or mia pings on me (idk if ban bot looks at that, doubt it does since it doesn't show up on your logs), calling me trash, useless, feeding, inter, 4v6 etc. Think just slightly below tyler1 levels of flame. Seriously confused about how riot's automated system works. If anyone can tell me what went wrong here it'd be appreciated. Otherwise I'll just change the client to remove the chat box from the game entirely because in my experience comms in this game has no benefits other then that 1 in a hundred game. Game 1 In-Game Shadowbyte: gg Shadowbyte: cant even do anything Shadowbyte: mid lost Shadowbyte: cant do anything with eve and syndra sitting in lane Shadowbyte: easy for you to say Shadowbyte: ... Shadowbyte: w/e game was over once we lost their red Shadowbyte: I literally got in lane cho Shadowbyte: check your map before you ping pls Shadowbyte: worry about yourself first nunu Shadowbyte: weird Shadowbyte: so did I Shadowbyte: wouldn't possibly the screwed up invade or the non existant jg pressure Shadowbyte: oh Shadowbyte: nunu's mad Shadowbyte: hello jg? Shadowbyte: why would I go back and give another kill? Shadowbyte: cya both in 14 days :) Shadowbyte: hows honor 0 treating you both? Shadowbyte: oh wew look at our team Shadowbyte: wheres everyone at baseee Shadowbyte: wew Shadowbyte: is that your entire vocab cho? Shadowbyte: nunu look at your kdc before you trash me for mine Shadowbyte: you realize 1/7 isnt that much better then 0/7 Shadowbyte: smh Shadowbyte: no flame this time? Shadowbyte: ping me again nunu Shadowbyte: I missed it the first time Shadowbyte: you really must like getting banned huh? Shadowbyte: trash talking when you're 1/8 Shadowbyte: lol Shadowbyte: go ahead and report me then? Shadowbyte: lol Shadowbyte: why yall so mad over a game Shadowbyte: chill Shadowbyte: literally farming Shadowbyte: chill Shadowbyte: i literally just took turret Shadowbyte: so did you? Shadowbyte: what? Shadowbyte: you realize I died taking turret while you died losing one... I dont see how I'm in the wrong here Shadowbyte: last time I "helped" all I got was flame Shadowbyte: wonder why I'm farming side lanes now eh Post-Game Shadowbyte: bro Shadowbyte: this cho and nunu wont shut up Shadowbyte: cya in 14 days
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