I got my account suspended for playing trundle smite support

Hey all, I am a plat 3 player that loves to theorycraft new strategies. http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=fingolfin14 Here is my opgg, and as you can see, my trundle winrate is not the most impressive, but it has hovered around 50% winrate for the past few days. I basically got reported for taking smite on trundle, and stealing enemy jungle level 1 instead of going to lane. However, I help out my team immediately after, by usually ganking mid/top right after using my pillar. Afterwards, I have unsealed spellbook, so if possible, I immediately turn one of my available summoners (smite/flash) into teleport to help out my adc, and buy relic shield to lane with him. I usually keep my smite to help secure objectives including scuttle crab and dragon, but my build is entirely support (and focuses on peeling for my adc). I do admit, I do 'fail to communicate', but the only odd part about this strategy is level 1, in which I go to take enemy jungle instead of laning. But I fail to see anywhere stated that as a support you have to lane with your ad carry at the start of the game immediately to be considered not trolling. It is also mentioned that my account got suspended for roaming a lot. I literally have this playstyle on my other supports such as bard, but have not got suspended for the same playstyle. The reason I do this strategy is because trundle's early game laning as a support is completely abysmal, and you are basically soaking up xp without any tools to trade back to the enemy. Ticket: "Hey fingolfin14, I see that you recently started this Trundle trend, I and yea i wouldn't say its the most meta of roles or play atm which is fine and completley viable, I remember when supports actually did go roam for a bit ie; roaming Ali with boots 5. I feel like if you did indeed want to be successful when pulling out this secret strat and thats completley fine, but i also see that you failed to communicate these sick plays with your team in the pre-game chats. This lack of communication is huge and can be pretty tilting in a sense especially since you are playing a ranked game and allot can be on the line for anyone whether it be your teammates or your opponents. I also see that you are currently in Plat which is awesome kudo to you~ On the other hand if you knew you were going to go support trundle which is completley fine i wouldve preferred you take a support summoner skill at least to put your adc's mind at ease. Plat is a pretty high rank for most people and at that level of competetion any small gap that your opponent can snatch from you and they will as the hunger in competetive ranked is very high. I have recieved several reports from teammates and opponents agreeing that this type of behavior, lack of communication and lack of co-operation can be seen as griefing or assissting the enemy team in a ranked environement. Iv'e reviewed your recent games and the logs definitley let me know that you don't coordinate with your team properly at all, i have read several instances where you leave your bottom lane partner high and dry and when they get crushed you just proceed to say don't blame me. Below are a few examples of how this can be percieved as griefing, sure you probably didn't have an awful time but that one teammate facing a 2v1 can be decimimating when it comes to team morale. In most of these instances even your teammates agree with your adc that you do leave them high and dry: [6:16] Jax: lucian can't even 1v2 [6:26] fingolfin14 (Trundle): all he needed was stay under tower [2018-04-23 03:20:18 PDT] Cootins: gg [2018-04-23 03:20:23 PDT] Orianna Bôt: you guys left your ad alone [2018-04-23 03:20:59 PDT] MingUhLing: yeah [2018-04-23 03:21:02 PDT] MingUhLing: pretty weird [8:42] Twitch: I'm about to afk [8:55] Twitch: trundle [8:55] Twitch: come [8:56] Twitch: to lane [8:57] Twitch: pls [8:59] Twitch: I'm so far behind 14:07] Caitlyn: ive been 1v2ing for half the game [14:12] Caitlyn: trundle is level 65 [14:14] Caitlyn: 6* [14:26] Caitlyn: but he keeps roaming [15:20] fingolfin14 (Trundle): well no wards I will not post anymore evidence as it is apparent that you were griefing whether it was intentional or not, your lack of communication and co-ordination with your team only served to penalize you and your teammates in your ranked games. I would consider moving forward that you better communicate with your teammates what and how you want to pull of certain plays. As they can be super powerful and odd as most players wouldnt know how to deal with certain situations ie; lane swapping early support roaming etc. and to avoid any possible reports that may come off as you trolling in game, when really you just want to try out different opening techniques. With all of this being said i cannot lift this 2-week suspension on your account as it was warranted and will stand by this decision. It wasn't just one game you decided to bust out the sick plays but several, i do agree your winrate is actually really good having it around 50% but that doesn't justify the lack of communication and cooperation exhibited by you throughout the 18 games you played. If you have any other further questions or conerns regarding this 2-week suspenion or any other at all please feel free to contact me at player support i'll be here to help out in anyway that i can. Raz Riot Games Player Support Rengars Fluffy"
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