Can you get banned for using the N word even if you're black?

i mean can you ban someone for speaking how they usually speak? I get it that you can't use the F word cuz even tho it's used as a joke the meaning never changes, it's a homophobic word and that's it. However people use the N word for all kinds of stuff. And it's mainly used as "dude". I believe it should only not be permitted when used in a racist context. That should be a direct ban. In case you ask how can riot understand how it's used. It's common sense tbh. Any reports because of the word should be supervised and depending on the context the player should be ok or penalized. I'm fine with other people using the word if it's not in a racist context. Just for the context when I say I'm ok with the word im not talking about the hard R. That can't be allowed.
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