Riot's banning system has to change, and it needs to change for the better of the common players.

First off if you want a better in depth explanation of what riot banns for nowadays go ahead and take a peak below the text. Now to further explain anything that wasn't already shown below, I like many of you have got into a game with toxic team mates that 5 minutes into a game think we lose and int the game ruining the whole fun for everyone, in normals in ranked, doesn't make a difference people are scummy no matter the time or place they do this. Now why someone might point out my name and say I'm toxic, I actually took this name to be a mantra to myself to stop being toxic because I never wanted to be permanently banned from the game I played with a family member before he took his life. Now, while I love the game this system has got to change, unless we all become big money making superstars like Tyler1, Unnamed pro LCS players, etc, none of us will be taken seriously or be unbanned or even have anything appealed. I mean for fucks sake look through my chat logs and tell me you don't get someone in legitamately every game you play that says 5x worse things than me. It's really unfortunate but it's the truth, League isn't dying because the meta changes too much, or because it's not popular. It really is, it's Dying because it's killing it's players. Every account banned for no reason, or everyone left to rot because they don't make riot money. You know why they don't care too? Because even if our account is banned for saying something like "Poopy pants." Or some childish thing of the likes instead of "%%%%%%, asshole, or fucktard. " that our fellow players say constantly, both accounts make them money and both counts can be banned and they keep the money. So this post is my calling out to every player who feels they've ever been unfairly banned, upvote this, I may not be the smartest, or a leader in the community, but I think I speak for everyone in saying it needs to change. To further my point, about 2 months ago in september I got a 14 day ban, why did I get it you might ask? Probably because I was toxic right, I mean look at my name! No, It's because I had the audacity to call our a poppy that was giving me death threats, saying he would hack and find me , and kill me. Right before this my brother actually took his life for a similiar reason in august because of paranoia from these comments stacked with other stuff from IRL I will not get into. So you think the player got banned? Wrong it wasn't until days later when I submitted a ticket that they even looked into the player, and guess what did any of my friends in the game with me when I got threatened, or me myself get that hopeful message of the player has been banned? No, goes about 1 then 2 then 3 days later, still nothing. I check and the man is climbing in the ranked latter with him recieving no punishment, and me with 1 14 day ban for standing up to a bully. League change your banning system and maybe start looking at the little guys getting banned for saying "Idiot" and "Pathetic" , unbanning them too might actually make a difference in the community, towards the better even. Thank whoever is reading this for your time and good bye. EXAMPLE BELOW OF A TOXIC PLAYER. Here's a quick take on my most recent ticket with a help employee, thanks for being respectful by the way. :) I AM T0XICGame 1 In-Game I AM T0XIC: why ff I AM T0XIC: stfu just cause you're doing bad I AM T0XIC: do you have eyes or? I AM T0XIC: tank vik is free farmed and fed I AM T0XIC: go back bot idiots I AM T0XIC: cna you leave or? I AM T0XIC: are yuo toxic and inting? I AM T0XIC: report Adc I AM T0XIC: Trolling I AM T0XIC: we could have won game if you didn't troll but glad you want to lose I AM T0XIC: why tf are you trolling just cause you lost lane? I AM T0XIC: what snapped in you that makes you think you're not toxic for trolling or some shit? I AM T0XIC: legit if you played the game out we could have won I AM T0XIC: but instead you want to lose like a little bitch I AM T0XIC: anyone would be over an inting adc I AM T0XIC: obviously you do care or you wouldn't be such an asshole I AM T0XIC: I mean maybe kaisa is legit inting I AM T0XIC: Becuase i said it's not over when she said ff gg I AM T0XIC: and whines about kha being her reason to I AM T0XIC: report kaisa I AM T0XIC: gg Post-Game I AM T0XIC: oh so they were a duo I AM T0XIC: interesting I AM T0XIC: Glad I was racist at some point I guess Game 2 In-Game I AM T0XIC: it was I AM T0XIC: then re added I AM T0XIC: this patch I AM T0XIC: don't take my c I AM T0XIC: ty for funneling my cs into yourself too ! I AM T0XIC: ? I AM T0XIC: I watched you tkae a majority of her camps I AM T0XIC: over and over I AM T0XIC: and then you took 3 of my waves I AM T0XIC: sooooo nice lie? I AM T0XIC: didn't take my waves with permission I AM T0XIC: :) I AM T0XIC: infact i even said don't I AM T0XIC: Tornado cucked me there I AM T0XIC: funneled everybody's gold into yourself and still can't get a tower I AM T0XIC: pathetic I AM T0XIC: yeah not worth tbh I AM T0XIC: lost 21 cs actually :) I AM T0XIC: surprised you don't know how much 3 waves is I AM T0XIC: ive literally said 3 all game I AM T0XIC: check logs I AM T0XIC: who knows I AM T0XIC: im just farming on a late game adc I AM T0XIC: if that affects my jung then im sorry I AM T0XIC: how? I AM T0XIC: adcs do this a lot to get to late game stats I AM T0XIC: wow troll surrender call is reportable for unsportsman buddy I AM T0XIC: wow toxic language now too I AM T0XIC: that's also actually reportable I AM T0XIC: sadly yes I AM T0XIC: come get it I AM T0XIC: why ping me lol? i got ran off by the yi, killed him and then killed their person that aced you when you should have backed off I AM T0XIC: but glad the full ad vi 6/10 thinks she knows better :) I AM T0XIC: ive solo killed him every time xD I AM T0XIC: idiot I AM T0XIC: don't need you to help me I AM T0XIC: gg Post-Game I AM T0XIC: dang troll duo wants to report me I AM T0XIC: for what again I AM T0XIC: ? I AM T0XIC: trolling I AM T0XIC: Or was it toxicity when i didn't even curse at you and was constantly bombarded with insults? I AM T0XIC: i can't go in on them needed to farm for full build I AM T0XIC: but what did your going full ad do? I AM T0XIC: Oh yeah you died and contributed nothing I AM T0XIC: 14k damage on a full ad build I AM T0XIC: sad I AM T0XIC: sorry bud Legitimately not sure Why i was banned on this at all, the first game was me telling my team mate not to int, while he continued to do so, did nothing at all to warrant his behavior besides trying to keep up a honorable summoner code of not surrendering and trying my best to win the game. At most I said he was whining like a bitch, which falls far in comparison to the insults he would give me and how much he would grief me in game. Then his duo partner goes into the post game lobby and everyone reports me just because of my summoner name, this is a ridiculous thing to even be banned for especially when I did nothing wrong. Furthermore in the second game I was passive aggressive at best, and just because my name is I Am T0xic I get berated over and over again and reported when my team mates are cursing me out, griefing me, etc.. And get away with it because of my name only. Please both unsuspend my account and look through the chat in game if you think I actually was "Racist. As the zyra suggested, or any of the ban cards did and actually show me how not giving up and being passive agressive to aggressive toxic team mates to defend myself is toxic bannable behavior. Thank you for your team and please don't skim over anything. Secondly, I've even made note to try and be less toxic in games because of this very thing, even named my account what it is now to remind myself I'm toxic too often and not do it as often, and then because of something to help myself out, I get banned and reported every game because of the LOLS and XD's it gives others. I'm very sick of it when I'm doing it to stop my bad behavior especially with life stacking urges to be more toxic to players like this. This seemed to be stuck on blitz bot so im reposting. Chat started Player Support BotHey! We’re getting a ton of new chats right now. It may take upwards of 15 minutes to get to your chat, but if you sit tight we’ll help you out as soon as we can. If you’re not about that waiting in line lifestyle, you can always submit a ticket instead! Void Wish joined the chat Void WishHey there Sorry for the wait I AM T0XICDidn't wait at all Void WishI see that you'd like to appeal your permanent suspension I AM T0XICAlways been a very good live chat system Yea, so the problem I'm having lately is a bit weird So here's what happens I have games like that where I'm not even or if at all barely toxic but because I have this name the enemy team believes my team mates when they are antagonizing me and i get reported like every other game When i chose this name specifically to stop myself from being toxic As More of a fix yourself and get your shit together so you're not toxic kind of deal, y'know? Void WishYeah, I can get that So let me start by clearing up a common misconception. One report flags the system to review the game, and additional reports don't have an extra effect. With that said, I do see some negativity in your logs It appears that your bot lane was trolling and you were harassing them over it I AM T0XICYes, but I don't really think it's permanent ban negative. Not really harrasssing them Void WishI get how tilting this can be, so I'll be sure to investigate this Kai'sa and take appropriate action I AM T0XICAt first I was telling them we could still win Void WishBut I won't be able to lift or reduce the suspension I AM T0XICthen they trolled me and I told them to stop I would actually like to know what was toxic about that Void WishAbsolutely So let me grab some of the logs I AM T0XICok Void Wish[12:34] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): stfu just cause you're doing bad [12:41] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): do you have eyes or? [12:56] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): go back bot idiots [13:22] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): cna you leave or? [13:25] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): are yuo toxic and inting? [14:07] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): we could have won game if you didn't troll but glad you want to lose [15:51] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): why tf are you trolling just cause you lost lane? [16:18] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): what snapped in you that makes you think you're not toxic for trolling or some shit? [16:26] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): legit if you played the game out we could have won [16:35] I AM T0XIC (Viktor): but instead you want to lose like a little bitch I AM T0XICdo you have eyes or and can you leave or is toxic? I'm sorry but some of that isn't even toxic or harrassing but actual questions Such as we could have won game if you didn't troll but glad you want to lose Void WishWere you really wondering if they had eyes? I AM T0XICIf you want to check the logs again they actually said that to me first I legitamately repeated them in the next sentence As a retort, didn't insult, curse, or use derogitory terms Void WishYeah, I can see the full logs here. And like I said, I will be investigating this Kai'sa, but their behavior doesn't justify your own I AM T0XICOnly mimiced a question Void WishYour best bet here would have been to mute and ignore the player, focus on what you could do in game, and report them afterwards I AM T0XICMy behavior was what exactly? because what I can tell from those logs was I wasn't overly toxic in the slightest Void WishIn this situation you wouldn't be facing this penalty I AM T0XICWow it's like even if i did mute them it wouldn't stop them purposefully trying to lose me the game and the game with Vi and noctourne, What was the problem there? Would love to know Void WishAnd let me clear up that the reason this is a permanent suspension is because you'd already gone through the standard escalation of a 10 game and 25 game chat restriction as well as a 14 day suspension. I AM T0XICIf you want I can even get replay and show you there Void WishLet me pull it up now Yeah, it looks like you harass another player for taking cs, then call them pathetic. Again, I get how tilting other players can be, but it's still not an excuse to be negative I AM T0XICno I never got the 10 game restriction, went immediately to 25 first off, second off i vividly remember the 14 day suspension because I got it after someone threatened my life, and I was calling them out on it, check recent tickets I asked about that already. I didn't harrass, most I said was pathetic That's really bannable? Really? Void WishIt seems you got a 10 game chat restriction, then immediately got a 25 game once it was over back in early September And yeah, it is Now I don't want you to feel like I'm talking at you. I'm only here to help you understand how the systems in place work, I'm sorry, but I can't change them. If you're interested in discussing whether this penalty is justified, then I would recommend you bringing this up on the Player Behavior boards, where your fellow players and some of the Player Behavior development team frequent. I AM T0XICOh nvm you're right I got that after a suicide in the family. That was uncalled for on my part I remember that No I really don't think that's bannable though So I get harrassed by vi and noctourne get called fucking retarded, autistic, and the likes And i call them 2 things that game check the whole log and show me otherwise. Idiot And pathetic And you're saying that's bannable? Void WishIt is what we consider to be negative and thus a penalty is justifiable I AM T0XICbut i report them for unsportsman like conduct after trolling me in lane, and verbally abusing me and nothing happens to them? No it's not justified, how the fuck is it negative retorting back with less behavior then them Void WishI can't comment on another players account specifically, but as I said, I will be looking into these players and taking appropriate action I AM T0XICLike I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm sure you've even done a hell of a lot worse in my situation Void WishAgain, it doesn't matter if another player started it or if another players behavior is worse I AM T0XICI feel like I showed plenty of self control in both those matters considering circumstances I got trolled in both those games literally within around 10ish games I'd say and still I don't curse out or verbally abuse the same players doing it to me Half way through even muted them, and they still trolled me, unmute seeing as it will do nothing Even in those games I was playing normals with friends or flex in the kaisa game just to play for fun and they go and ruin that because of unsportsmanlike behavior and I still refrained from all manners of truly bannable context in words and what not But you're saying saying it's pathetic to troll and abuse someone is bannable, and trying to stop a team mate from inting when they are also verbally abusing you is bannable too? Really? And if you even look at my entirety of match histories I've been less and less toxic with each passing week, due to friends keeping me calm and what not. And still because of my name I get trolled by people like this daily to try to get me to do the thing I'm trying to stop It's actually a joke that me not being toxic got me banned, and saying as little as possible, and even trying to stop them from losing instead of just trolling with them for the LOLS. Void WishI completely understand where you're frustration is coming from. I'm sorry there isn't much I can do for you other than informing you why we believe the behavior to be negative I AM T0XICI mean I'm sure there's more you can do, the context of the situation pardon my french is bull shit Like I thoroughly enjoy league of legends, it's how I keep up with my mates, game I used to play with family, and even a fun way to relax on a day off from school and what not. Even had possibility for scholarship on this account when I met with colleges. And you're telling me when I'm being verbally abused in game, and being trolled consistently game after game, reporting and seeing nothing happening that I should just believe in your system? I'm sorry but I've seen people do much worse than me and get unbanned, and I honestly think it's a joke that saying what few I said did get me banned, trying to stay as respectful as possible in my remarks and sorry if I've crossed any boundaries with you. Void WishNo you're being respectful, no worries. I AM T0XICBut I know you being another human being that you would have done the same, there is no perfect person that can get the treatment of abuse game after game and not say anything And the fact that my words were pathetic and idiot and that's what gets me banned, when I've been spammed with %%%%%% before, or %%%%, asshole, fucktard, etc... I honestly have no idea anymore how the ban system stays like it is. And if you're about to say the scripted mute them, I have, everyone does, but there's just a point where players are so toxic that even if you mute them they still abuse you in game, whether with pings, then you mute and have 0 communication, or just forcing you to lose, and then you lose all enjoyment I have legitamately gotten chat restrictions before by saying "I'm going to mute all because I'm tilted." and doing so. because it was "unsportsmanlike." So there's too many flaws in the system with excuses like that. Void WishOnce again, I completely get where you're coming from. I'm sorry there isn't anything I can do. I definitely think this is good feedback to provide on the boards though, and I could get you the link again. But I can't lift or reduce the suspension. I AM T0XICGood feed back for boards? Why would I care about that, when riot has never changed its banning system? If anything it gets more and more shit every year Void WishThe only way for it to change is to provide this feedback I AM T0XICI've my brother's account unbanned before so I know that there is ways to appeal it so I'm glad you guys atleast hide that fact now. I'm very annoyed with your system Oh no this won't do anything I'm sorry to say but the ban system is god awful Void WishWith our current policies there isn't a way for this account to be given another chance. If our policies changed I may have an option, but not now. :( I AM T0XICAh ok, yeah. been death threated on this account before and y'know they still didn't ban the guy xD But I'm getting banned for idiot and pathetic. God I can't wait to post about this link me boards again If you wouldn't mind Void Wish Yee Here ya go I AM T0XICThanks, hope this game goes to the gutter. Love this game but with banning systems like this I hope it honestly ends. Been trying to be as respectful as I could, but this is the worst system I've ever seen in my life.
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