14 day banned for someone inting my game.

They banned me for these chat logs: Game 1 exitforever: veig that match up is hard exitforever: for u exitforever: im a one trick veig xD exitforever: get abyssal second item exitforever: cause tier exitforever: then abyssal exitforever: then finish tier exitforever: dont gank him exitforever: pls no exitforever: ol exitforever: hes inting exitforever: im gonna tweet riot real quick exitforever: cho exitforever: why even play exitforever: if u just are gonna int? exitforever: k you can top exitforever: ill take ur jg exitforever: and veigar exitforever: both of them deserve it exitforever: cho is top exitforever: i guess exitforever: so im mid exitforever: i can lose this game, ill just report him exitforever: xayah the game is over exitforever: cho ran it down my lane exitforever: actually inted exitforever: my game exitforever: ? exitforever: did no one see cho run down top? exitforever: lol exitforever: ???? exitforever: lol exitforever: i cant believe im getting blamed here exitforever: you guys are actually crazy exitforever: he ran it down my lane 3 times exitforever: cho why even play man exitforever: why do you play to int exitforever: my lane exitforever: okay buddy exitforever: well they can investigate exitforever: that cho ran it down top exitforever: if cho ran it down ur lane exitforever: hahahaha exitforever: u guys are funny does anyone wanna explain anything thats toxic about these? The cho legitimately put in chat that hes inting my game. I don't think I should get banned for having someone else run it down. I didn't even flame or use any racial slurs.
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