Permanently banned (With Ingame log)

Hello summoners. I might not be able to answer any questions or anything like that because Im life-time banned in the boards as well. Today I was permanently banned and here is the entire log I was presented with: (Edited) |This was the only game I was banned for, there are no more log and no more games. I have not removed anything nor added anything. What you see is what I got from the Lol-client. I have no problem printscreening the log from the client for those who don't believe this is the entire log I was presented with. |I was banned about 3 min after that game. |I have made a support ticket and waiting for riot to respond. (The did respond, look at the end of this post) |Support ticket was made 48+ hours ago. |First support ticket was solved without a response! |To me, Ekko was the real problem. Morgana was just inexperienced and was more interested in discussing then winning. As you can see by the log we had a little discussion regarding my death when I did ward tribrush to bait in Vi. Vi came but Morgana didn't dispite it being the tribrush and it was our side and I had pinged for assistance about 10 senconds in advance, her excuse was that she was clearing the minionwave (as a level 3-4 morgana?) and therefor didn't want to zone/ try to Q the rakan who walked on the inside (next to morgana) to get to me. Hence the "zoning" comment from my side where I did think Morgana should have zoned out the rakan and leaving me and vi for a 1v1 at least. There is an in-game replay of the entire game that anyone can watch to my understanding. |I welcome any rioter in here and you have my permission to talk about my account regarding this case as long as all context are posted. |I was Twitch Jungle, not adc. |Everything I said had a reason that I can justify. |My intentions were never to blame anyone, my intentions were to win the game and if that requires me to tell a player how to zone someone out then that is what I will do. I dont see how that goes against anything in summoners code. |"You talk to much" , what is to much and what is to little? I have seen world champions lose games to amatures due to lack of communication. Also I dont see how "talking to much" goes against summoners code. |I did not have a chat restriction nor any recent bans when this ban happen. The last ban I had was half a year ago(?) . I did post the log here as well and people did comment like you are here, most thinks that I did edit the log because it's not as toxic as one could assume given the permanent ban. I dont edit my logs. |I would post a link with a screenshot from the client with the log, but then I would break the "reference" rule in the forums, Im only allowed 1 reference. |HERBIE28 decided to solve the ticket and close it. He didnt respond to the questions I had and didnt want to acknowledge the thread nor the peoples opinion within this thread. I have made a new ticket where I ask of them to make a public statment(as you have asked for) and I have told them that I have given them the permission to talk about my account as long as they dont take things out of context. (Edited) Game 1 Lovepet: I try if I see an opening Lovepet: neither could I Lovepet: I have no idea how they knew I was there Lovepet: I need 6 Lovepet: morgana? Lovepet: I want you to zone them off and use your Q to stun them Lovepet: so that I can deal dmg Lovepet: I did ping you, you knew what was going to happen. Lovepet: that is not what I said morgana Lovepet: you know what zoning is? Lovepet: so why not ping me back then? Lovepet: if you aint going to help Lovepet: you basically kill me Lovepet: I was defending a ward, but ok Lovepet: agaisnt rakan? Lovepet: so how can you def tower? Lovepet: yes Lovepet: how? Lovepet: not really, any other champs have different skills Lovepet: such as viktor have his E for clearance Lovepet: because they attacked me Lovepet: because you didnt zone them off Lovepet: its very elementary Lovepet: ofc Lovepet: I cant carry you, sry Lovepet: ekko, you cant tell kids what to do Lovepet: just look at what morgana told me when I did try Lovepet: see? Lovepet: morgana, Im not blaming... please read waht I type Lovepet: its over Lovepet: yeap Lovepet: not really Lovepet: not really Lovepet: riven its not blame Lovepet: its quesitons Lovepet: please learn the difference Lovepet: blame looks like this :Its your fault we lost <-- that is blame Lovepet: this is a question: How old are you? <-- notice the questionmark Lovepet: you cant tell her what to do Lovepet: ekko, twitch is a very viable jungler and the game recommend me jugle items Lovepet: also if you were to google "twitch jungle" you get plenty of results and guides Lovepet: ekko lol Lovepet: tell enemy team to stop killing me? Lovepet: hey fizz, "stop die" .. lol Lovepet: ekko lol! please try to understand and if you cant let me know and I explain it to you Lovepet: ofc I am Lovepet: yeah tell that to ekko Lovepet: he flames me cause I die. but what can I do? Lovepet: what does that mean? Lovepet: it also makes no sense? Lovepet: ekko no, skypename? Lovepet: I explain it to you Lovepet: or you explain it to me Lovepet: you told me not to die Lovepet: Im doing that Lovepet: now he flames me for not dying, there is no winning here Lovepet: sry I dont listen to you Lovepet: you flamer Lovepet: ofc Lovepet: Im odler then you Lovepet: wtf? Lovepet: I cant Lovepet: I have a flamer in my team Lovepet: and I have people who doesnt understand zoning Lovepet: What have I said that you think is "flame" ? Lovepet: Im saying that you are flaming, and that is not flaming Lovepet: its allowed to feed, called gameplay Lovepet: you see that? IM not allowed to die for ekko, then he threatens to report me for flame and feeding, wtf? Lovepet: sry no' Lovepet: well he dint flame at start Lovepet: he started to flame morgana, and then me --------------------------------------------------- I made a ticket(provided log) and had 1 question only: I dont understand what in this log is the problem. Now Im permanently banned (on this account?) Please explain what is the problem here cause I have no idea, really I have no idea. Support ticket was responded to with this msg: MYSTICKARMA Today at 13:13 Hey there Summoner! Your account has been permanently banned after being escalated through multiple levels of punishment by our disciplinary audits. To see the most recent games which led to this action, please log in to the client to view your reform card. While we do our best at Riot Games to encourage reform, we permanently remove players who continue to create negative experiences from our game. This action is only taken after repeat punishments and we will not lift the suspension under any circumstance. It's important to keep in mind that we do not tolerate negative behavior of any kind, including retaliating to toxic behavior in the same manner. If someone else is being toxic, feel free to mute them and report them later, especially if you received the final warning, the two week suspension. Although this marks the end of the line, we’re confident that with some reflection you will be able to avoid this kind of situation with whatever new games you decide to play. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Kind regards, MysticKarma Player Support Specialist "Heart and mind as one." --------------------------------------- A new supporter came and did repspond to the ticket. The question was still the same: "I dont understand what in this log is the problem. Now Im permanently banned (on this account?) Please explain what is the problem here cause I have no idea, really I have no idea." The msg I posted before his post that he did reply to: Hello HERBIE28 Please explain why I am permanently suspended. A link regarding explanation has been provided in the previous msg. Please click it and read it before posting a reply to me. I ask this of you becuse previously I have asked of you(riot) to explain something and I dont get an explanation at all. I would like to know what is it that I said that was the problem? Was it the odl? The Wtf? The kid? What did I say that made you permanently ban me? Also. Why would you give me a "reform card" with a lie? I call it a lie becuse of the text, it claims my logs are really toxic, but when posting the logs to the forums people claim they can use them as bed-time stories for their children... meaning they are not toxic at all. I have been given the tips by someone who did comment to be "This, you have to be polite and persistent." I dont think I shold have to but that is what I will do if that results in me getting the help I have been requesting for several weeks now. Here is his response: Hey there, First of all, please keep in mind that toxicity is a very loose term that many players think is just a system that catches on to your swearing, but it's a lot more complicated than that, you see - toxicity is negativity in all it's forms, from the early GG's and sarcastic congratulations, to incessant whining on chat or harassment or just comments that distract rather than help, flame rather than aid, telling other people to report people which is also rude and not the point of chat. Secondly, you were escalated through several levels of punishments (5 chat restrictions and a 2 week suspension) prior to the permanent ban. Those prior punishments were a chance for you to reform your behavior, but you chose not to. Keep in mind that, after the 2 week suspension, you should show absolutely NO SIGNS of toxic behavior. Also, while you may only receive a limited number of chat logs in your reform card, we look at your behavior as a whole, in each and every chat. Lastly, making a judgement based on what people say on the Boards is not the best way to go about it. The system triggered this suspension because some of the people that played with or against you were offended by your behavior and the system deemed this to be the case. Since the circumstances of your suspension have been explained, I will be closing this ticket. Have a nice day! Best regards. Herbie28 Player Support Specialist Riot Games Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

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