A Troll Proclaims to Feed & Int in Ranked Champ Select. EXCELLENT. I'm glad you joined my que :)

Dodging against a troll in champ select is heroic indeed. Props to everyone who does that. Real talk, you guys ~~bring hope to humanity~~ are the hope of humanity. However, I am a bit selfish and this is what I do instead. If you are a troll wanting to feed and lose, you would be better off not to cross paths with me. I don't deal with trolls. Tolerance is never an option for me. I garen ult their asses every chance I get. 1. I secretly take a screen shot/or vid of the chat in champ select (champ select being the safe zone for trolls, you gotta take that away first). 2. Tell my teammates I'm going to disconnect at the start of the game so they can remake 3. Tell them to report the troll afterwards 4. Start the game 5. Tell everyone in all chat to report the troll afterwards with a brief explanation 6. I disconnect so my team can remake 7. I check the troll's op.gg in case he's a serial criminal. Submit a ticket to Riot with the screenshot of champ select, the troll's op.gg and the link to his op.gg. Requesting a vod check of his games, the submitted files and due punishment. **I've done this many times and not once has my team played a 4 v 5 game. It was a remake every single time.** I've gotten loot bans due to "leaving" games but I've also gotten that sweet player feedback notification. I don't recommend this path and punishment isn't guaranteed, but do it if you thirst for justice. - - - - _A message to future trolls_ > Dear Future Trolls I'm going to meet, sorry to let you down but I legitimately find enjoyment and pleasure reporting you guys. Sometimes, it's more fun than actually playing the game. > Losing LP for remaking, and even losing a game is kinda upsetting- not going to lie, but I find greater fulfillment and bliss when I type out that report and submit a ticket. > I get an orgasm when I see the player feedback notification pop up in my client. > You guys might find it funny to troll my games but just know that I am LMAO imagining you guys in your mom's basement as poor creatures needing attention. It's a nice free boost for self-esteem, thanks. > The closest feeling to sadness you are going to get out of me is pity for your existence. > If you are that half-ass troll who got scared of the incoming reports and dodged yourself, man I feel so bad for you. Hurry up and go find something you are good at in life, cuz if you can't even succeed at trolling in league, that should ring some alarm bells. > - - - - - - - - EDIT: (Replies to those that brought in constructive criticism) 1. I know there are many people who does not trust Riot and their report system, and I for one think it's garbage... (just look at the sheer amount of trolls in-game) but the system works sometimes. So then I see no reason to not utilize the tools given. Also, what's the compelling alternative? Not report them? Do nothing? You are telling me to do nothing over something? I refuse, and I refuse to further give the feeling of safety and power to trolls by disregarding Riot's report system completely. It's all I have and I'm going to make the most out of it. 2. Besides, it actually works for me. I know you guys have your own stories and beliefs on Riot's system and I honestly understand that. The thing is, your stories of trolls NEVER getting reported doesn't fit with what I'm experiencing. So I understand where you come from, but there is no way I'm going to give up feeling the pleasure of finding trolls and getting them punished. 3. I don't get it when people tell me I'm wasting my time. I seriously don't get it. It's almost as if they don't want the trolls reported. (maybe they genuinely care for my well being and I'm being mean. If that's the case, thank you and I'm sorry) First off, I just saved some time for myself and my teammates by remaking. Second, I genuinely believe that if there is even a slight chance these trolls get banned/punished, IMO, I am not wasting my time. Also, doing this has become second nature- a personal routine course at this point. It takes mere minutes now. And yo, sometimes there is a leaver buster que when I leave for remake. It's without a doubt, the perfect time to take a sip of coffee, maybe even cook noodles while turning in my tickets and reports.
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