why not create more layers of language filtering..?

Recently had ONE bad game where i said some pretty fucked up things, i'll admit i shouldn't of said and I won't bother posting chatlog, But finding the bad things I said and using that as a reason to 14-day ban me even though people reported me in normals simply because I wasn't paying attention and bought relic shield on the wrong champ and realized it too late is wrong. So I started thinking, why not let players decide their own experience instead of language/thought policing everything. Why not let players choose between "heavy chat filtration, casual chat filter, no chat filter (except buzzwords like "kys and %%%" because apparently they get through chat filter still, because I'd like to assume that the people who are ACTUALLY getting upset over the things people say are still immature and playing with the filter on..), and vulgar where people can freely say what they want and hear EVERYTHING freely without getting bAnNeD for saying mean things. And before you people put on your "_I'm a proper high elo player_" hats and snack on your _caviar_, its not about "promoting this type of behavior," people are going to do what they want and say what they want, you cannot control human nature and sometimes it gets nasty. I'm not saying I agree with the toxic community, but I'm saying why not just let people speak freely if they so **_choose_** instead of banning everybody or punishing players, trying to create a "safe space?" why not let players CHOOSE to create their own safe space if they're so unstable/immature that they need one. Why not permaban "%%%got, %%%, retard, kys, kill yourself" from every filtration level if you're just gonna ban/punish people for saying it? Seems almost like you're putting the cookie jar at child height then waiting to smack them if they try to touch it. TL;DR Add new options so people can make their own safespace and be protected from "triggerwords" instead of banning people who offend these mentally unstable grown children, or permaban these trigger words so players dont slip up and get punished hard for losing their cool. you're a video game company riot, not college campus thought police. Find ways to keep players having fun, not dividing and punishing people to keep offended people safe and enclosed in bubble wrap.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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