Trash talking not allowed ?

So i got reported for talking trash as the title says. I get getting reported for feeding or flaming the crap out of your team but is talking trash not allowed anymore either? Have we gone so soft and pussified that any sort of trash talk that usually happens in sports and all other computer games is bannable. Can you imagine if Kobe or Michael Jordan got banned from the NBa for trash talking. They were absolutely ruthless, its part of sports and esports. Oh and both the games that you see the chat from i was playing support and absolutely destroying the enemy lane. Hence they started trash talking and i simply trash talked back and humiliated them as is normal when someone starts trash talking you. So should they get banned as well? Or just me because I was winning ? Do we just need a sterile environment where we are just artificially polite all the time? Personally i dont think thats fun at all. Share your thoughts below. Game 1 EastWolfy: you got dicked son EastWolfy: take a seat and be quiet EastWolfy: class is in session EastWolfy: you got hooked in your Q animation EastWolfy: now stfu and get rekt EastWolfy: idgaf EastWolfy: you QQ worse than your sister when i slide in her EastWolfy: its the mothafacralakin truth EastWolfy: dont be racist cause you get dicked boii EastWolfy: nobody thinks that EastWolfy: i can smell your butthurt through my monitor EastWolfy: its like your assjuice is leaking after getting dicked EastWolfy: and now you QQ EastWolfy: sit yo ass down boi EastWolfy: class is in session EastWolfy: son i just gave you an education EastWolfy: you now have a degree in fuckology from the Thresh U EastWolfy: itl get you a job as my bitch EastWolfy: better than you ? we arent even in the same dimension son EastWolfy: dont even try me son EastWolfy: did someone say something ? EastWolfy: close your mouth it smells like fish EastWolfy: its my handle for when i yank that chain around your mother neck EastWolfy: jebaited EastWolfy: you just want that trist cawk so bad dont you EastWolfy: she doesnt want a degree in thresh U EastWolfy: everytime son EastWolfy: from downtown EastWolfy: KOBE EastWolfy: LOl EastWolfy: 1 and 7 talks about winning EastWolfy: this is about education boy EastWolfy: youre all getting honorary degrees from thresh U this game EastWolfy: this game is such cancer EastWolfy: thats right run like a bitch EastWolfy: CAUSE I FORGOT HOLY FUCK EastWolfy: cause i dont actually play thresh lol EastWolfy: go for the baron what are you doing EastWolfy: wood division 8 EastWolfy: dont even front me son EastWolfy: i said dont front me EastWolfy: do you even speak the engrish boiiiii EastWolfy: I have a phd in fuckology EastWolfy: class is in session EastWolfy: stop going mid EastWolfy: holy wood divison 8 EastWolfy: okay macro awareness of wood division EastWolfy: WHEN YOU HAVE INHIB DOWN EastWolfy: GO TO THE OTHER FUCKING LANE EastWolfy: NOT THE SAME ONE EastWolfy: we did EastWolfy: for like 3 minutes EastWolfy: and you guys kep going mid EastWolfy: with the brilliant tp EastWolfy: from darius EastWolfy: int he middle of their team EastWolfy: im gona build adc EastWolfy: its cause u guys dont know how to finish end game EastWolfy: you gotta bring daddy with you ? EastWolfy: you cant take me 1 v 1 son EastWolfy: dont even front me boii EastWolfy: dont even try it boiii EastWolfy: darius EastWolfy: stop EastWolfy: you are just as bad EastWolfy: you guys have no macro EastWolfy: now go top EastWolfy: for second inhib EastWolfy: then we can fkin EastWolfy: baron EastWolfy: DID U SEE WHERE I WAS EastWolfy: I WAS HALF A MAP AWAY EastWolfy: ^^^^ EastWolfy: everyone top EastWolfy: now EastWolfy: holy fuck EastWolfy: wood division 8 EastWolfy: lol EastWolfy: did u see your last play EastWolfy: if you guys dont go top EastWolfy: all at once EastWolfy: and take a fkin inhib EastWolfy: im stopping playing EastWolfy: EVERYONE EastWolfy: TOP EastWolfy: why the fuck are u not with the team EastWolfy: maybe some mr ? EastWolfy: i know im right EastWolfy: this is why you are getting fucked so bad EastWolfy: fucking idiot jungler EastWolfy: when i say everyone top EastWolfy: that includes you EastWolfy: im trash ? EastWolfy: lol EastWolfy: darius\\ EastWolfy: you do realize youre terrible right EastWolfy: dont trash someone then EastWolfy: yes EastWolfy: everyone EastWolfy: stop splitting up EastWolfy: fuck EastWolfy: fuck the elder EastWolfy: LOL EastWolfy: 42 min win EastWolfy: EZ Game 2 EastWolfy: oh hai there EastWolfy: yeh ... EastWolfy: youre supposed to move around and shoot EastWolfy: not stand in one place EastWolfy: and shoot EastWolfy: just saying EastWolfy: if youre new to the game EastWolfy: whats he saying? EastWolfy: about what ? EastWolfy: but youre lane is getting wrecked EastWolfy: maybe he is right EastWolfy: pro play EastWolfy: all dravens fault EastWolfy: no im just showing you who your daddy is EastWolfy: most ppl are smurfs EastWolfy: "most ppl cant dodge hooks at this level" EastWolfy: truer words have never been spoken EastWolfy: he is just mad EastWolfy: that his bot lane was trash EastWolfy: and got rekkled EastWolfy: rekkled once again EastWolfy: i was 3 and 0 at like 5 mins EastWolfy: a sup 1 v1 ? EastWolfy: you gunning for that hook like your mother goes for the cawk EastWolfy: just cant stop eating it EastWolfy: tasty EastWolfy: QQ EastWolfy: you got rekkled EastWolfy: im gona report you for QQing like a bitch EastWolfy: you QQ worse than your sister EastWolfy: when i slide in dry EastWolfy: im sorry EastWolfy: are you offended ? EastWolfy: whatever makes you feel better sweetheart EastWolfy: make sure you go to your safe space after this EastWolfy: not my fault you cant play with daddy EastWolfy: without getting butthurt EastWolfy: and you must be rekkled EastWolfy: too bad you didnt trai hard this game EastWolfy: XD EastWolfy: rofl EastWolfy: rekkled EastWolfy: when youre bad EastWolfy: you can always report EastWolfy: dont talk to your daddy that way EastWolfy: reset EastWolfy: and finish EastWolfy: rekkled
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