How did this disgusting act become a trend in just a few hours?

So, the Nunu rework came out today, and so many people will obviously want to play Nunu jungle. But ever since this update hit, my elo (silver) is getting absolutely disgusting. Every time a Nunu doesn't get the role they wanted, they keep spamming /all chat with the location of the actual jungler. At first I thought this was just one game... until I saw this happens with literally (no exaggeration) EVERY Nunu player so far that I see their role being contested by their own team, and proceed to solve their issue by throwing the game and start griefing (Deliberate counterproductivity). How did this happen so fast already? This is just disgusting behavior to have your game thrown by. It's childish and doesn't solve anything at all. And we can't dodge games forever either.
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