To the people who disliked Tyler1 since back when he was banned, how do you feel about him now?

I am curious because I distinctly remember that there was so much hate surrounding him back when he was banned to the point where people had personal vendettas against him in ranked where they sniped him to intentionally feed or troll in his games. There were also tons of hate threads , discussing how toxic he was. Then, it went quiet from the period that he got permabanned to the time when he announced that he would be unbanned. Then, the hate threads saw a resurgence and now people were hating on Riot for unbanning such a toxic player and so forth. Now, I haven't kept up at all what happened basically a year ago since his unban. Hes basically become one of the faces of the LoL community, becoming one of the big guests at LoL events and Riot made it clear that they like Tyler1 now. What was the community's reaction to this, particularly of those who previously disliked Tyler1? In case you are wondering, I am a fan of Tyler1. I've watching him since he was still in college and just started streaming league from his dorm/apartment. I am really curious about how the public view of him has changed this past year.
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