Context should matter, especially for all players. Not just individuals.

As a long time summoner and a person who has been issued multiple permanent suspensions over the time I've played this game, I have always come across the same pattern in my bans: "Context does not matter". To me, this is a huge issue in the League community with the ban system being changed over the years and how bans are issued. Because I read boards, Reddit posts, tweets and more on people being given second chances after being permanently/two weeks suspended. I have no problem with any of these players being given a second chance or having their case reviewed a second time, though what I do find problematic is that it only seems to happen to a few players and others are overlooked and forgotten. **Take my most recent ban as an example:** The other day, one of my accounts suffered a permanent suspension again. This is however after the skipping of chat restrictions were introduced, I contacted support about it and got told that extreme toxicity can lead to your restrictions being skipped and directly thrown into a suspension. To this, I was quite annoyed but I accepted I lost my edge one game (which I would say is stupid that one game is enough to give you a ban as well) and moved on from it. I took a break from the game and returned afterwards. I didn't play ranked except maybe one or two games for the rest of this season. Purely Normal's or ARAM games to keep my competitive side out of me and just relax and improve my reflexes or map awareness. This was until this weekend where I met a {{champion:5}} player who constantly told me that the champion I was playing ({{champion:41}} ) was cancer, unbalanced, unfair and stupid. I told the guy that he was beating me big time as he was diving me and constantly killing me. I literally got my face kicked in. The lovely {{champion:5}} then kept spamming ":)" in the chat as he kept killing me, completely trying to provoke me and I'll admit it was annoying and I felt a bit of my competitive side strike me again. So when we killed him, I wrote smileys back at him. I see no problem in this since that in itself should not be a problem. After a while, the guy then took it to a whole new level saying that my dad molested me as a child and his premade team started typing "true" in the chat. on top of this kept saying "you will lose this game" and told me how bad I was constantly. Now, remembering to not throw insults at the guy I instead told him that if he keeps it up he will end up being banned which would be sad over a normal game. He laughed at me saying he wouldn't get banned, but he would report me and add me after the game to prove it. I just shrug my shoulders thinking that I didn't do anything wrong, so what would happen? My team told me to mute him and beat him, to this I responded no that I would rather keep talking to him (non-toxic) to keep him triggered so he would most likely get a ban for his behavior because it was seriously not alright. [Here is my un-edited log for my permanent suspension from that particular game.]( A few things I would like to note. 1. "guys are so fucking trash" - I said this after dying, it was directed towards myself in a meme way ("Mans not hot"). 2. I do make use of the word "fuck" and such a lot, but they're rarely offensively aimed. It can simply be me dying and saying "what the fuck". 3. I do have a record of being toxic, but that does not mean I don't give a shit or don't try and change it. Though I personally think that my permanent suspension was completely undeserved, I will have to accept it unless something could be done about it. I am also more than happy to hear some more insight from the community what I possibly could have done wrong here and if it really was a justified suspension. I am open to anything! **Please note:** I have indeed been in touch with Riot Support, though they do not give me any insight other than "we do not lift permanent suspensions under any circumstances and you are responsible for all your own actions" - However, this is not what I read elsewhere which is why I am making this board post to shed some light on the situation. The only thing Riot support could tell me is that "you use curse words and some people might find that offensive and report you!" - To be completely honest, If I have been reported it has been my team being salty about losing and then the first thing they do is report for being "toxic" though they most likely haven't cared a single thing about my word usage. And I am certain that a lot of people would agree with me on this. So, don't use curse words even though you mean 0 harm with it or they're directed towards yourself. Not even as a 5 man premade, because if the enemy reports you for being toxic and you've cursed in team chat. You're in big trouble. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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