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Attached copy of chat log from 14-day suspension, the game had an intentional feeder and a base camper spamming surrender. I don't think I really went over the top here. Game 1 Kanga: :( come onnn Kanga: ashe... Kanga: no Kanga: he uses most of her Ws on farm Kanga: yeah :/ i hate supporting at this elo Kanga: ...? Kanga: arrow Kanga: hes solo Kanga: not AFTER i combo... Kanga: wtf? Kanga: she arrows as soon as i type it after she sees i disengaged with cds lol Kanga: ARROW Kanga: ARRRRRROW Kanga: ARROW Kanga: DO IT Kanga: Arrrow Kanga: Im gonna cry Kanga: she didnt Kanga: even ult him Kanga: omg Kanga: ashe click r Kanga: ashe its between E and T Kanga: no. Kanga: where is the team, Kanga: pls report ashe Kanga: he is intentionally baiting us into fights Kanga: and then runs away Kanga: and laughs Kanga: in chat Kanga: hes completely trolling Kanga: shouldnt take you a year to use that Kanga: we can pick people Kanga: arrow off my combo and ur golden Kanga: lol Kanga: adc no item 20 min Kanga: lucian 2 item Kanga: i deserve better than this ashe Kanga: its not fair :( Kanga: zac Kanga: play Kanga: or ill report you too Kanga: like they are so bad Kanga: me you and annie can win this easily Kanga: their actually pretty terrible Kanga: let me engage Kanga: then follow up Kanga: with your R Kanga: lol Kanga: report zac too Kanga: intent feed Kanga: sitting in base surrendering Kanga: i dont understand why people are so intent on not playing the game

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