1 Mil Mastery points but plays like a bot?

Okay so I got paired in a game with somebody who had 3+ champs at 1 million mastery points with Level 7 on each. They where level 150+. I played 2 games with them and everytime they joined the lobby they would put "Jngl" imidiatly and instalock. During the game they would not help teammates , get objectives or anything just farm and run at enemies if they saw them. They basically played like a bot entire game and fed. I found it so weird because they didnt have any skins for their champs and didnt speak at all other than calling their lane at the very start. Even the enemies where really confused saying he's a troll. I checked his match history and he does this not only in normals but in itermidiate bot games too and he feeds in them as well. Its just so confusing, is it a bott, a human or troll?? I understand people have bad games, however beeing 150+ you somewhat know the game machanics and this guy was diving towers and all sorts of crazy like he was fresh and new to the game. In my second game within 5 minutes he gave the enemy jungle 8 kills. While the rest of the team was level 8-9 he was sitting at level 4 not even upgrading his abilities. Its just very abnormal. Someone on the enemy team sujested that it may be a hacked account or something but I don't know. Has anybody encounted someone like this? Any thoughts?
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