People who pick support on draft only to instalock a different role...

So.... can we report those players and have them punished? You know how frustrating this is? I play draft pick to avoid the stress of blind pick, and these assholes are pouring into the champ select with "support" only to pick some other role because they just wanted faster queue time. Obviously the champ select chat should be checked to see if everyone has agreed to swap roles. But for fuck's sake... punish players who do this shit. I just had a support instalock Vayne and when I asked her why she picked support if she didn't wanna play it she said she doesn't wanna dodge because she has leaver buster.... Seriously???? This is acceptable behavior??? ... as if someone casually using LEAVER BUSTER as an excuse to steal roles like this is something normal that everyone does. The worst part is I know she probably won't get punished at all for doing that kind of shit. And this isn't a bloody unique case. This shit happens ALL THE TIME. Literally the game right before that we had a lee who instalocked jungle when we already had a Vi jungle, only for him to do nothing but die over and over again and afk for 70% of the game. Just check my match history, it's right there. And I have many other stories of this crap occurring. How much toxicity do I have to deal with just to play this game? Even if I just mute everyone at the start of the game I still have to deal with constant toxicity on champ select. Shit that can be avoided if rules were more strict.
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