A cautionary tale: Unjust suspension by the automated disciplinary system

Hi everyone. Yesterday I was taking a break from ranked and playing an ARAM when I used a phrase that was detected by the automated penalty system, and have been suspended for 14 days. As you all know, in ARAM games you cannot regenerate health at the fountain, and the only way to return to max health is to be healed by a teammate, by yourself, or to die and regenerate completely. On two occasions in the game, our Annie was at <20% HP, and members of the opposing team had just killed themselves to be full HP. Seeing this, I requested our team's Annie to kill herself too, but i made the mistake of using the no-no phrase "kys." Here is the chat log: My additions/context are in parentheses. Game 1 lizardry: gj gunner ~~(one of the teammates' names was gunner) lizardry: waht kind of gunner are you lizardry: oh shit lizardry: nice lizardry: you too vi lizardry: annie kys lizardry: i mean so u regen HP lizardry: thats why they just suicided ~~(at this point, Annie suicided, but she waited too long, once the enemy team was fully up again) ~~(several minutes later, Annie was again low HP, but this time suicided with good timing, so i congratulated her) lizardry: KYS!! lizardry: yay lizardry: that was beter lizardry: now wait for full 5 lizardry: that means you vi lizardry: dont let htem backdoor us! lizardry: i know its okay pal lizardry: your heart was in the right place As you can see, my phrasing was never directed to a player/person, but to the player's character in the context of a strategic situation. The tone of our team chat was never negative, and Annie responded positively during this interaction. In fact, I was the most honored person on our team, receiving honors from 3 teammates. I have never been toxic to teammates before, have never received disciplinary action. I was D4/P1 the past two seasons, and level 5 honor. I understand why, if a different context, using the phrase "kys" or otherwise encouraging self-harm and lethality should deserve swift, harsh punishment. However, given the overall positive, non-toxic tone of our team chat, and the strategic situation, I am very surprised I was suspended for this. I submitted an appeal yesterday, and have not yet received a response from riot. Anyway, after reading through this forum for the first time, and having never been aware that an automated punitive system even exists, I wanted to submit my story for awareness so that others can avoid this situation in the future! Happy huntin' - Lizardry
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