"Its just *insert gamemode here* lawwwwl it doesnt matter" mentality ruining RGM's/Normals/ARAM

Every single time I get on to play, with friends or whatever, I try to go and have fun on URF or ARAM or even normals and I just get people on my team literally every game who will go 2/15 in 10 minutes and they justify INTENTIONALLY feeding because "its just urf! haha!!". It seems like they justify being able to break every rule possible because its not ranked, and its ruining the fun in every gamemode. And sorry I don't like playing ranked anymore because I don't feel like angering myself with stuff like Yasuo being absurdly broken or LP issues. Basically the only fun I ever have in the game anymore is being ruined because of this, wonder if any of you guys experienced this in non ranked games.
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