Can I report my team for.....

_ __ I've seen so many posts with similar titles in the past few days, if you have to ask if its reportable then its probably not. if youre unsure if it is then know what? Go ahead and report the person in whichever 1-3 categories you think it fits in worst case scenario nothing happens, best case you get the pop up of doom telling you that your report worked _**PLEASE**_ stop coming on the boards to ask if something is reportable. there are tiny descriptions under 5/7 and the ones that dont have descriptions are self explanatory. In this section i will give 1 example for each report option Udyr top dies 3 times and blames jg, counter jgs his own jg so he cannot farm causing other jg to snowball a lead. Report for Negative attitude Warwick calls you a dumpster baby(idk if thats a slur mods dont take the entire post down ill change it if i have to) along with other crude things> Sauce the dude a Verbal abuse report Evelyn jg gets both buffs stolen in front of her eyes and ragequits, or just sits in base and pouts. Send a leaving the game afk report her way Sona top gives the aatrox 7 kills at 15 minutes all while buying a inventory full of ruby crystals. You Guess it right Int feeding That damn vayne 1 trick "edgelordxxx_XXx" [mods this is a fake name] spamming the N word and calling you other slurs thats right hate speech that xerath mid who has not missed a skill shot all game and dodged everything, he might be a smurf, but a report for Cheating might be warranted hey! that singed is called "Gassthej3ws69420" [if this is bad let me know ill change it], toss him a report for offensive name If you have any questions about what fits where comment it and ill try and respond ~ArandomCanadain __ __
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