Wrongful Ban

Game 1 Pre-Game KelekomX: who you going top? KelekomX: love it when people re - Pastebin.com
I already talked to riot support and was given the idea to make a post here where it would get more attention. I really don't understand why I was banned over these 2 games, ESPECIALLY the 2nd one. All I really did in the first game was complain (a lot, i know) that vayne wasted heal before red buff died to heal me, which in turn got her and her bot lane killed a couple minutes later. And we then had someone decide to pick ezreal into sion top, which is why i said "im reporting you if you feed". Then every lane was doing bad (including me) and we were behind about 15 kills so I was getting annoyed that we weren't ffing a game that wasn't winnable by any means and then I was starting to get flamed by my sup so I said to report them. Game 2 I'm genuinely confused. Don't really remember exactly the context but for some reason our fiora decided to flame me for not ganking her lane and complaining that im a garbage jungle or something along the lines of that. Don't really remember why I said "yall are so bad" because if I recall correctly every lane was winning by a large margin and I had all chat off because of a 2 week ban about 2 weeks prior to this game.

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