A new perspective on an old, and not well received form of punishment.

So let me start this off by teaching you something most of you probably won't know. The surgeons at top hospitals in the world were found to have only actually washed their hands 9% of the time before surgery, even when hounded about it, told to do so beforehand, asked if they did afterwords, signs hung EVERYWHERE around reminding them, sinks put between the path they have to take. NOTHING seemed to work, however, this was not a circumstance that could just be let happen. It had to change. So, after a ton of trial and error, they found taking swabs of all the doctors hands in the hospital at random times, putting the swab in a petri dish labeled with the doctors name, and letting the absolute horrors grow for a month, then taking pictures and posting them up on bulletin boards for all to see, was the only way to force these highly reknowned professionals to do such a simple task that had such huge risk to the person they're working on, even huge problems for themselves if complications came from their dirty hands being inside the patients body, and could be proven. This is all to top off that you're not alone as a surgeon walking past that sink, so others simply knowing wasn't even enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEkOmn5hjFU- Link to a video on it by freakonomics, most of that is from memory from a podcast that I can't seem to locate by them. Now, with that in mind, do we think we're above surgeons in the things we would let slide, or how we act in general? If only 9% acts accordingly when so much is on the line and you'd imagine it was some of the more refined people you'd meet, how much of a free to play community do you think will act appropriately when not threatened by something that actually matters in their minds? Positive re-enforcement proved to be useless. Starbucks gift cards were their gifts of choice, so something most of the people involved would have used very happily. This only worked when the people who give out the gift cards were around, though, and still, it was hit or miss. Now, with that all in mind, can we please, like adults, discuss the idea of _**publicly forever linking chat logs from a problem game that resulted in a ban with the summoners profile**_ I know, almost everyone will argue "forever", however, you have the choice to type. You can also make a new account if you're actually turning a new leaf, and I'm proud of you for doing so, but if you'd like it gone and feel you no longer are the kind of person it reflects, then prove it. Do that 1-30 grind and start all over. The more upsetting the logs are to have on your profile, the more it could be argued you should have to really prove you are not that person anymore to hide it from the community. Now, I can see some problems with this tactic. Causing personal life issues, etc. For that, I can just say, make a clear warning message the first login after it's live stating if you get in trouble for your chat logs in a match from this point forward, those logs will be made public on your profile, and will never be removed. So please keep any personal discussions off the public chat box for your own safety, even if you're a saint, someone in your game might not be. Previous bans will not show up, so this is your blank slate. ~I've never been banned and I think if you broke the rules, you deserve to have it posted retroactively, but, due to personal privacy problems it's better left to from that point on. Seriously Riot, the #1 issue with this game is the community, because you've created a new ~~anonymous image board~~ with how bad behavior is hidden and even protected by the whole "no witch hunts" idea. We've all seen how ~~anonymous image board~~ communities turn out, I'd like to see this one thrive. I'd truthfully love to work with Riot professionally to see it thrive and to solve some of the problems nobody else has had the chance to. I'll have this bookmarked and open it periodically and respond to anything that isn't just pure rage-babble, or trolling. I'd like to discuss the thought. Good luck on the rift, Play Grat {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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