Thank you Riot

Riot, we might joke about you from time to time, with stuff like you dont know how to release a balanced champion, or that you scam millions with your skins and content. We may all have those days that the game is just not going well and blame you for it. However at the end of the day, we all come back and play the game some more, we deal with the bugs and we deal with the new players occasionally, because the game is addicting, and fun. Riot I honestly don't think we, the community, say this enough but thank you. Thank you for the great game, for the skins, the champions, even the bugs, but most of all Riot thank you for having a good staff team in all aspects. I want to especially thank the team that handles the reporting side of things, in my most recent match we had an overly toxic {{champion:157}} in the end of the game s/he then proceeded to make death threats and other toxic remarks. The Riot ban team handled them swiftly. So even if we struggle to stay calm at some points in the day. I honestly just wanted to say thanks to all of Riot. Much love, {{summoner:14}} The Flaming Hand{{summoner:14}}
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