@Riot: something needs to be done to players affected by trolls and AFKs

Just played a game where it could've been a solid win if the troll didn't affect us, so this main contain a pinch of salt. From what we've learned in League of Legends is that Riot cannot stop people from trolling. That's plain and clear. But Riot should be giving some compensation to players who lose due to a troll, and maybe even be less rewarding for the people who take a win from it. Think of it like this: as an example, my 'Nunu' ints. Nothing, literally nothing said to him that could have been said to make him int, yet he still did. My team, although we lost, probably deserved that win. Now if Nunu had perhaps not have trolled, we perhaps could have won. Perhaps we may have lost yes, but the fact we won every other fight in a 4v5 was not just luck. Now since my team lost, I lost LP, my top lane lost LP, my jungle, my mid and adc lost LP. The whole enemy team gained LP. My top lane destroyed in lane, why is he losing LP? Bot lane won and middle broke even, why are we losing LP? The enemy support, who was pretty much the reason for the 4v5s to be successful for us was mostly because of the enemy support who would miss his hook and then get killed, leaving a 4v4. But instead he got rewarded. Any person with eyes can see a troll... Perhaps when they build {{item:3031}} on Nunu. But the fact that people unfairly lost rank, and even some people gained rank that probably shouldn't have, is not right.
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