Why is this a ban?

PAPA S4LT: stop PAPA S4LT: you want me to walk up and die again ok PAPA S4LT: GANK US PAPA S4LT: nah PAPA S4LT: im curious how him helping the lagging guy is smart? PAPA S4LT: how is that toxic PAPA S4LT: i literally asked a question ' PAPA S4LT: exactly PAPA S4LT: youre 1/7 so how is he helping [All]PAPA S4LT: open bot im done PAPA S4LT: try all chat yorick PAPA S4LT: ry ganking my lane instead of leaving me 3v2 PAPA S4LT: ok then dont expect any better from me PAPA S4LT: ok PAPA S4LT: i said nothng all game PAPA S4LT: but smart PAPA S4LT: what is ay PAPA S4LT: when did i say something yorick PAPA S4LT: please tell me PAPA S4LT: tell me what i said PAPA S4LT: when PAPA S4LT: first thing i said was stop at 11 PAPA S4LT: anyone tell me how i was toxic PAPA S4LT: i asked my support to stop taking cs at 11 first words then i piing jungle at about 16 after being ganked 3 times with no count PAPA S4LT: explain where im toxic PAPA S4LT: i did it once PAPA S4LT: thyats not toxic PAPA S4LT: good luck youre getting banned PAPA S4LT: i spammed him once PAPA S4LT: go watch replay PAPA S4LT: add me as friend watch replay then apologize [All]PAPA S4LT: did yall know spam pinging jungle is toxic? PAPA S4LT: GO WATCH REPLY PAPA S4LT: i will do PAPA S4LT: too PAPA S4LT: and you can apologize PAPA S4LT: ill buy you a skin even if im wrong PAPA S4LT: you can see ping I get my name doesnt help but I promise it does not relate to this game it is an inside joke/split name between my friends and I. My team attacked me after I said stop to my support for taking cs than pinging yorick once to gank my lane because I was being ganked constantly. I said he would be banned because he called me multiple derogatory names as well as insults. I legitimately was curious how helping a lagging top lane which had already lost tower was a good plan. and even after saying open bot I did not just feed or leave the game I just wanted the enemy team to push bot and end because I wanted game to be over since I knew with my past luck my team would not surrender and I would be forced to suffer through more abuse and a game I was not having fun in anymore, Can anyone explain how this results in a ban. I can give a little background as to why I believe but I feel it is false. I recently came off a 14 day suspension which I honestly changed from. The lack of league was awful I had nothing to do between homework and work. I looked up other peoples bans on here and videos and understand that flaming is not gonna change the outcome or make me feel better. I honestly was making an attempt to not be toxic and it was going well but then this game happened this morning and now I am perma banned and just want some help understanding why an automated system deamed this as a perma ban offense when I attacked no one, only defended myself, and said no cuss words or hate speech, nor fed.
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