The Real Plague of League of Legends.

The last game I played as Pantheon, is what's truly irking me. We had a player who didn't call anything, everyone else had already called and locked in. He just chilled until he called "ADC". Cool, easy game, easy life, right? We had 5 people call their lanes, no conflicts? _Then he locks in as Malzahar..._ This is where it starts to spiral downhill. We get into the game and our Azir starts dying a bunch, that's no problem. Unskilled players go to normals to learn how to play their champs. _Fine by me._ But we get to the 20 minute mark and Malzahar pops a surrender vote while we're not losing, but we're not necessarily winning. "FF or intent feed" -Malzahar 2016 This is where it goes downhill. This Malzahar, who was 3/4 at the time roughly, just goes straight into the enemy team and begins his intentional feeding. He made it a point though to stay behind the Azir in deaths. I can forgive the Azir, as he was trying to play the game still, not intentionally throw it from a decent match up. I've dealt with the intent feeding trolls for years, you just deal with them, report them and move on. The part that really pushed me over the edge is the enemy team supporting and encouraging this troll and since it was a nice five man premade as stated by them, they also decided it would be best to report everyone on our team except Malzahar, because Malzahar gave them such an easy win. They were cheering him on the entirety of the game and it was just an over-the-edge toxic thing to play around. He was doing everything in his power to do and give them objectives. It's not the trolls who make this game unfun and unfair, it's the people who encourage them to continue to do so. The ones who think it's funny and cute to ruin the game for the enemy team by encouraging their player to intentionally feed or throw the game as hard as possible. {{champion:35}} _Genøçide_ {{champion:35}}
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