Players should learn the definitions of these words

Tilt : When a player gets angry at someone or something, often resulting in reduced quality of play. Usually used in the game League of Legends. Int : Short for "to intentionally feed an enemy'' Troll : A person who causes acts of disruption to other players and to the community. These acts may include writing offensive messages or intentionally feeding the enemy. Trolls are also referred to as griefers. Toxic : Used to describe a person whose attitude negatively influences the game. Most of the time, I see players badly using these words in these typical situtations : A Riven giving first blood top lane, then quickly comes back in lane with teleport and dies again. This doesn't mean that she's a troll or she INTed. Maybe she died because out of greediness because she tried to kill that top laner and failed again. The proper word for this situation would be tilting. Picking items out of meta such as Armor Penetration Varus while the ''current meta'' requires him to buy guinsoo isn't trolling. In no way is this build unacceptable, it was once played before and who knows, maybe that player feels better to play Varus that way. A real troll example would be a Vayne buying Rabadon or something like that.
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