Toxicity and where it starts.

Hello all, In my revelation to move from Dota 2 and thought I would give league a try, I must confess I am completely ashamed of a small part of this community but moreover Riot as a gaming company. I have read tons, watched a ton of videos on different champs, what the abilities were, played a ton of bot games. And though this will be the day to try out ARAM or to even see how a low level 5v5 feels. What I was not prepared for was the unending trolling, being called noob (even after I said i was new), being told to kill myself, my mother needs to be raped or killed for birthing me, or just being called the "N" word repeatedly. Alright trolls i understand just ignore/mute etc etc. I did find a nice player that I played a few matches with and spoke to at length, he explained the reporting process and his opinion on the game as long term. Least to say it wasn't positive. So back to leveling, same thing. Ragers, trolls, and just plain mean people. So I started to report them, then i start getting reports of verbal abuse? SO yeah that got me pretty upset, it almost feels like toxicity is the norm in low level game play. I felt myself being sucked into this captain negative of game play. I can very well see where this would change a persons habits and carry on with them into further matches. I noticed that there was a message on the start up screen that Riot has reformed "XXXX" number of players, but whats stops them from making another account and continuing this process? -conclusion I am sorry but I cannot in peace of mind continue to play a game that has zero recourse to curb this type of negativity in a social game. Moreover the whole idea of just muting every player in a game that requires communication (in some fashion) Pinging drag doesnt necessarily communicate to the team to place a ward there or that they are in fact doing baron to everyone is completely absurd. I guess this will get down voted and lost into the abyss, just my opinion on trying something new.
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