So I got reported for 4 Black Cleaver Garen?

I just got out of a normals game where I was testing Aery on Garen(works great btw I recommend it to top laners), and I took transcendence so I decided to stack black cleavers because I haven't tried it yet. I go 3-1-0 in the laning phase, everything is good, I'm just chillin and I'm stronger than on release Leblanc. Well during teamfights some of my comrades start questioning me. "Garen why are you building black cleavers they don't stack". Well this is a common misconception that anyone who isn't a bronze knows to be untrue. So I respond, "The cdr stacks and gives me ad with transcendence". A teamfight rebuts with "No they don't, they don't stack". Ahh, fair point my lad, if you have been living under a rock and are legally mentally retarded. To be fair, I am silver in ranked and my mmr is petrified shite so its not a far stretch that these guys don't even use runes much less actually watch any league content and know what tricks have been discovered and are being abused. So at this point I just try to shake it off and focus on playing. Mudslinging and cursing ensues. 10 minutes later the enemy is pushing down our nexus and all I hear from me team is "Garen they do NOT stack, you lost us this game". I looked right before the game ended. I had 400+ AD(60 from Transcendence) and almost 3500 HP. Anyone who says that Bronze is elo hell has never played in Silver. If I actually get banned for this Riot will receive a very strongly worded email and nothing will actually come of it probably because those emails literally go straight to the recycling bin. Anyways 1 upvote=1 prayer for these poor, sick, hardstuck silver bastards(that included me).
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