Should we start reporting players for saying "gg"?

I've been playing some League lately and I've noticed the toxicity among the community a lot worse (I didn't know that was possible!) than before. In fact, it's so bad now where nearly everyone resorts to some form of "steamroll harassment". I understand that many people use the phrase "gg" as a form of a handshake to the opposing team at the end of a baseball game, but the way that it's being used currently is as if you were spitting in your hand before the handshake. As a reformed player back in the days of Tribunal, I don't like reporting players, but often times I end up with no choice. If the game is no where near its end and you say "gg", to me that's a microaggression and a form of harassment that needs to be corrected. I will mute the player, play the game, and happily send in a report. Alright, gg at the end of the game when the nexus blows up? Perfectly fine honestly. But was it really a "gg" when your teammate left 3 minutes in because they gave First Blood, resulting in everyone else to feed and/or afk? I'm sure the team is not that oblivious, they realize that your game was effectively a 3vs5, they're just spitting in their hand for the handshake while you watch the Defeat screen. Fair game? Okay, but is "gg ez" really necessary? Again, spitting in your hand before the handshake. There are some solutions that Riot can take to help prevent this, such as changing when you say "gg ez", "gg lol", "gg qq", "gg bads" to some sportsmanlike comments such as "gg all good luck in your next games". Overwatch is a perfect example of this and it works very well. I wasn't sure if I was even going to post this. But I decided that it needs to be stated to get a burden off my chest and to better inform the League community on appropriate sportsmanship. I feel much better, and I hope you have become a much more informed League player on how you can improve your sportsmanship conduct for your next games. Like I said, to me it's a microaggression and goes straight to the report button for me. Maybe it's now time for Riot to intervene and help drain the toxicity?
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