Jungle is worst

Well, what can I say? Never posted a post before. No, but really...I'm done playing in jungle. I don't understand why someone would enjoy jungling. Because there are players who don't help you with the first buff, or they steal it intentionally and says "because I tanked 2 shots from it so its mine now)<---- Looking at you top laners. And blames you at everything. Everylane begs you come to gank for them. And what they did do to help you at the start of the game? Nothing...They don't secure your buffs, teammates steal your buffs, and doesn't help you after that. They don't bother checking your jungle, no. When you decide to gank some of your lanes and if it's not successful, man they are pissed at you and after the game, they say "gg, better jungler wins" And yes my last game wasn't good because I did get really really angry to Riven "I tanked 2 shots, so its mine" So I decided to ruin her game. I hope that will never ever happen to anyone. But please do not steal buffs from the beginning of the game, and help your jungler to make his/her role more enjoyable. It can be a small thing. Securing blue buff from the start, warding, enemy or your yours jungle, mid laner can do some scouting at the river. Thank you Ps. Scouting is a free thing to do and sometimes might give you some nice picks ;)
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