Suggestions: Deterring The Trolls (Not Trundle)

We've all seen them, the Zilean Jungle with Teleport and Cleanse, or the Gragas Jungle who bought a cull as his first item and and then took a 15 min break mid game to "roll a blunt". We're all tired of it, no one seems to get punished for it, but if you say anything towards them you're banned or at the very least chat restricted, instantly. There has to be something Riot could do about this, and I know it's not as easy as it seems to find these people and ban them, and even if you do ban them they can just make another account and get nearly right back into it. So I came up with 2 ideas I think would at least deter them a little bit more: 1. Raise the level requirements for ranked games: -a dedicated player can have level 30 in no time and be right back into making the game frustrating and terrible for the rest of us. If we raised the requirements to lvl 50 or 60 would that not at least give us some more time without them in our games? Not to mention it would give being banned a little more of a punishment instead of it just being an inconvenience. 2.You can't play a champion you have no mastery in: -If you have mastery 1 or 2 on Zilean, you're not about to break the meta and be able to run him in the jungle. It's not hard to get to mastery 3 on anyone, this would stop people from going into a ranked game going "First time Xayah" or going ADC Nami and saying "Oh I didn't realize she wasn't an adc" and even if they said it, you know they're lying, they've played her. Just a couple of small suggestions I think would make ranked a little more fun to play and deter the people who are there just to ruin everyone else's time... Thoughts?
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