Why is ranking from season 4-5 messed up so bad?

My thoughts are simple why in season 3 when starting this account up i get into high silver i go 6-4. Ok Now I play for a year going into season 4. I have dropped all the way to B5 Demoted?? and I get stuck in B Hell. Since the next two seasons due to Season 4 being that it erased Your stats but keep's you'r elo? ranking stats so when u go into provisional You already get teamed up with trolls,afks,ragers,roamers, and over all 35 mins are wasted for what? Now please? riot League of Legends its just not fair when someone like my self plays and pays for this game I play over 10 hours a day on this game i play from fun and for teams and for tournaments all the time.. i see everything but this is killing me??? I have made 2 more accounts but have delt with the same thing...But here is the difference I main adc and support and mid but, I have played this account since season 3. I get no idea why i go 5-5 in season 5 and then i create a new account due to the 'sick of trolls and afks not fair' making new account. so i did and then i go 1-9? should have went 6-4 or least 5-5 and get B5????? anbd i get a new account and go 1-9 i get silver 5 but due to my elo and stuck in this b.s. i go in 5-5 in season 5 and get B5 i dont understand the reason? behind the ranking?? why give worse potionaing in ranking for better record? and vice verse sa??. but due to once again explained. IN provisional I encounter alot of players who 'mess up games' on purpose like spawn and feed down lane? how I'm supposed to deal with that in game? meaning making rank's and this game no fun at times it really upsets me that i see my friends in silver gold and higher and no one sees the crap i deal with in game at all? please riot read and fix this next year. LOL I BEG YOU!!! PLease take these trollers afks or other things that just is not fair to players who are dedicated to win and climb ladder.
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