Behavior in Normal(s) vs Ranked

I'm going to start this post by saying, "I'm not here to instigate or inspire hate." If I'm being completely honest, I just want to know how everyone feels about playing Normals versus Ranked. Personally, when I'm trying to test my skills competitively, I prefer Ranked. However, there are several different reasons as to why someone wouldn't want to play Ranked over Normals. Unfortunately, I can only speak for myself. So, when I say I dislike the Ranked community, it's because people are extremely toxic. Of course, I'm no Saint, but I don't hold someone's rank over their head and use it as a method of degradation. Hell— you can be of the same rank as someone else, and they still flame you because you've played way more games in that given elo. To me, that makes playing Ranked too much of a hassle. Anyway, even though I said I prefer Ranked when it comes to testing my skills competitively, I'd rather play Normals. Why? Your various wins and loses are hidden, and only you know how well (or bad) you're doing. Though, Normals has its flaws. Just earlier, seconds before I decided to make this post, I was in a game where one of my teammates fed— religiously. Is it that big of a deal? Absolutely not. Everyone and I do mean everyone, has a bad game from time to time. Though, everyone seems to have this mentality that's very insulting to the rest of their teammates. Yes, it is a normal game; I'm sure everyone understands that. The term "Normal" suggests that it's supposed to be a "Casual" game mode. However, who has fun intentionally making the game difficult for your team? I mean, aside from trolls of course. Other than those select few groups of people, I don't think there's anyone who plays the game with the intention of being the worst person in that specific match. At least, that's what I thought up until recently. Now, after having played Normals a majority of Season 9 (and all of Pre-Season 10), I've come to realize that... people use "It's normals" as an excuse to intentionally feed, grief, and project their own racial disinterest onto others. I mean, what do you benefit from doing any of that? Not to mention, some people try to turn it all around and blame you for everything they're saying and doing. Example: ( I've intentionally left out summoners because... it's not entirely that serious, just irritating. ) > Renekton into Rumble. > Rumble gets first blood by the skin of his teeth. > Team types "Unlucky." > Renekton dies to Rumble again after returning to lane. > Jungler attempts to gank, but Rumble pings him to leave. > Nothing happens for a few minutes. > Jungler ganks while Renekton is recalling. > Jungler fails to gank, but doesn't die. > Renekton tells Jungler to "Fuck off". > Jungler gives him a "?", and Renekton flashes his mastery as he fights Rumble again. > Rumble proceeds to successfully kill Renekton another five times, making Renekton 0/7/0. > Renekton types in all chat "Fair and balanced champion." > Teammate suggests an MR item for Renekton. > Renekton types in all chat "My team is fucking trash." > Team starts questioning why Renekton's being toxic. > One teammate asks Renekton to stop trolling. > Renekton types in all chat "Imagine being mad in a Normals." > The entire team is now toxic because Renekton got toxic first and then told them to calm down because it's a Normal game. What? In what world does any of this make sense? At least, when it comes to Ranked, an excuse like this can't be made. Second Example: > Cho'gath dies to Jungle gank while ally Jungle greeds for the kill. > Cho'gath is tilted at 4 minutes and refuses to go top. > He intentionally dies in another lane, doing the same thing he blamed his jungle for. > He sits top lane at Tier 2 turret complaining how the game is over. > Entire ally team is hard winning the game— objectives, kills, and pressure. > Cho'gath hasn't moved from top lane while he continues to call the Jungler dog shit. > Cho'gath openly admits that he doesn't want to try, and keeps spamming surrender vote. > Ally team actually secures inhib while Cho'gath keeps saying this is a waste of time, and the team is going to lose. > Cho'gath finally leaves the top, and proceeds to AFK in another lane— bot lane. > When asked to play the game, and help close it out, he replies with "No." > A few teammates ask the enemy to report him. > Cho'gath proceeds to call the entire team "Noobs", and then follows up with "It's normal." > Team successfully wins the game without any assistance from Cho'gath. > Game was approximately 20 - 30 minutes long, and Cho'gath barely traversed beyond Tier 1 in a lane. > In Lobby, Cho'gath says he'll never trust another (and I quote) "Random, bitch ass, f*ggot Jungler" again. > Meanwhile, in his match history, Cho'gath played jungle and had a KP of 4 at 33 minutes in a 40 kill game. Essentially, Cho'gath gets away with behaving like this and goes unpunished because he and his duo (who protected him throughout the game) constantly bring up how it's a "Normals" and shame anyone taking it seriously. What is your preference? Ranked or Normals? What behaviors do you notice that's different between the two? Include an example if you want. I just want to hear other people's thoughts and problems, because I feel like I'm being wronged... even though I know people have it worse.
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