Snowflakes at Riot

Since when in a game is it bannable to objectively explain how one player made a game losing mistake? The moment you critique someone else in League they go behind their little defense of “hm I will report you” with their arms crossed. Doesn’t matter if you’re using hot words or phrases like loser, kys, or r%%%%%. All it takes is some player to feel like they aren’t bad at the game and the other guy flaming me is a meanie!! All the league players use the word toxicity too, well, frequently. “Toxic” is a trite word now, it has no meaning. It is not toxic to explain how someone messed up, but it’s toxic to hide behind your report button if you don’t want to deal with the fact that you’re not as good as you think. This community is pathetic. Riot doesn’t engage with their consumers, instead they do what’s best for the 2% of players in esports. Listen to your boards, balance the game, and holy fuck they balance this game slower than Hearthstone.
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