falsely banned for intentional feeding

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yesterday i was suspensed for intentionally feeding going 2/17 i was playing teemo against darius early on darius caught me off guard in the bush and manged to kill me flash for flash applying his full 5 stacks i was muting everyone already at the start of the game so i don't know what was happening in chat went to my lane again tried to poke and kite him but again he manged to kill me with ignite and passive 3rd death i got ganked by master yi and died 2v1 and it was not intentional i didn't like go under his tower and tell him to kill me or something i tried to poke , kite , flash , ignite him but he killed me every single time i farmed as usual didn't rage quit or something didn't stay in the fountain or say anything in chat in team fights i tried to help my team but i was getting 1 shotted by every single one of them though .. i didn't get titled or flamed anyone didn't stay idle or troll or give or do anything wrong i was playing normally but i got killed what is wrong with that the game after i played with jhin and went 12/2 so obviously i wasn't tilted or anything although after i finished that match i got a suspension for 14 days and my honor was dropped to 0.. i'm pretty sure this is a mistake i didn't do anything wrong at all .. you can get a suspension for playing bad right ? or getting 1 shotted every single time u go to lane ? i was supposed to stay afk to not getting banned ?http://eune.op.gg/summoner/userName=P0mpey
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