You can't really blame on someone who got a computer crash

You can't seriously blame and talk verbal harassment at someone who told you that his/her computer crashed. If they're getting back on, then they're getting back on. It's possible to catch up the game but with teammate being an extremely toxic makes it harder to catch up. I muted and reported them but with their negative personality, it makes it hard to bring that win rate up. Last game, I just got "leaving the game" but my computer crashed have only been away for 2-5 minutes (yes it does make a huge difference) but the result still say I left which I purposefully didn't. Now that I'm eligible to earn loot or whatever. I honestly think it's unfair because I got back in the game just in time. No software is 100% stable, if it be an O/S, application or game. Too many lines of code and human error will always sneak in. All programs crash, you can't really prevent it. It's just a fact of life
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