The suspension system is unfair.

The current system that is used to moderate games is complete nonsense. Not only is the system extremely abusive and exploitable, it frankly, just does not work. What happens with the system is punishing players who are innocent. The reason why the system doesn't work - is because things are not handled like they should. Things should be handled on a case by case basis, There is no review by an actual person - It's an algorithm that bans people if they say bad words. This is insanity. I just received a 14 day suspension where I was not being aggressive towards my teammates. Merely defending myself from their comments. But that doesn't matter. A human being does not look at the context of the game. A human being does not oversee the chat logs and see where my teammates are flaming me. All that matters is I was reported by a few members of my team because they wanted to punish me for my poor performance, and the system sees I called someone a moron, so I must be at fault. Here is my chat log for the game I was banned for. Of course perhaps it looks vilifying without the context of the entire game. But that doesn't matter does it? Game 1 In-Game Lord Gimli: ... Lord Gimli: what are you doing? Lord Gimli: gg bot Lord Gimli: /all Lord Gimli: btw karma throwin down some wards for mundo would be helpful Lord Gimli: karma muted Lord Gimli: you feed our lane 2 kills at start and then we get camped Lord Gimli: and yet you decide to not gank our lane Lord Gimli: rofl Lord Gimli: starting w first is bad? Lord Gimli: against an invade? Lord Gimli: you hit level 2 on the 2nd wave Lord Gimli: you're a moron Lord Gimli: yeah, she's saying report me because i'm doing badf Lord Gimli: i'm not being toxic, you call me an idiot for starting w Lord Gimli: tell ya what sej Lord Gimli: im gonna mute you Lord Gimli: i understand i lost lane Lord Gimli: but you guys had a major advantage Lord Gimli: over us Lord Gimli: and sej didnt help Lord Gimli: yeah nice job Lord Gimli: stealing farm from the adc Lord Gimli: blitz Lord Gimli: stop stealing farm Lord Gimli: from the adc Lord Gimli: do you want to lose? Lord Gimli: sej keeps stealing my farm lol Lord Gimli: i'm not being toxic Lord Gimli: kayle im trying here Lord Gimli: no Lord Gimli: vote no Lord Gimli: we can win Lord Gimli: gg This game I was flamed by my jungle and support the entirety of such. I merely defended myself throughout trying to win the game. However I am to be banned for 14 days for this behavior? Really? This is garbage. We had a team member trolling and inting the entirety of the game, but that doesn't matter. The guy who says the moron word gets punished. BANS need to be reviewed by a person.
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