14 Day Ban for Trying to Defend Me and My Friend?

Just had a Twitch Jungle game where a level 17 Talon was bashing Me, my friend Soraka, and my friend Varus. He was repeating over and over "we are trash" "Lmao Twitch is the worst Gold player I've seen" "Wow you guys suck" and other crap like that. Now, the funniest part was, _HE ADMITTED TO TROLLING MULTIPLE TIMES._ Was I getting upset and mad at him? Of course. How can I sit their and let him bash all of us for playing the game. I'm not going to take that trash talk like a bitch. I'm fighting back for me and my friends dude. Was it really bannable for what I was saying. Honestly no. I know people that literally scream at people and call them the N word. I REALLY wanted to change as a person this new season, but HOLY MOLY that guy set me off. The fact that I got banned trying to defend myself and the Talon that admitted to trolling didn't is unacceptable. I wouldn't say anything unless he spoke first. And boy did he have a lot to tell us. He even tried to act like he was an innocent little nice guy in post game chat. Fucking disgusting man.
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