After Aatrox's rework, i went sub-20% winrate until i started playing Skarner top

After the Aatrox removal/gutting, i had been drifting down the ranks due to lacking a main champion. It didn't matter what champions i played, i could never perform well on them and i can no longer jungle whatsoever. It didn't matter how hard i tried - i would never perform well enough for my team, and i would eventually pull them down leading to defeat upon defeat. So when i hit diamond 4 0 LP, i decided fuck it, i'm going to play my old favourite champion Skarner. I just keep losing anyway, so i might as well try to have fun until i demote far enough to encounter players i have any chance of beating. I clearly dont belong in this rank anymore, but i can't reset my rank either. I want to play ranked, and although i dont want to pull my team down i have no choice when i'm stranded here. So i picked Skarner top, because i love playing tanks and off meta champions. And it succeeded. In fact, i climbed back up to Diamond 3 almost immediately - i went on a huge win streak, rocketing me right back into the place i apparently belong - Diamond 3 0 LP - judging on how firmly hardstuck i am. With skarner, i was enjoying the game again. And better yet, i could actually go toe to toe with other champions in top lane and win - no more getting bullied under turret by Camille shaving off 30% of my max HP with every W, no more sitting BEHIND the turret to avoid getting bursted by Heimerdinger. Even when pushed back, Skarner could still farm under his turret - and he transitioned into a teamfight juggernaut capable of locking down any of these supermeta burst carries. I click my ult and suddenly, we're back in Season 5 where assassins actually have to think and aim before they combo. But there are always at least two teammates flaming me non stop in every single game. Condemning my champion pick, claiming i am a blight on the community and that my pick loses us the game - even when i win my lane (tryndamere lanes most notably) and we snowball the game, causing the enemy team to surrender. I can go 4/1 or 0/5, it doesnt matter - i am equally hated by half my random teammates despite doing everything in my power to be of assistance - i rush righteous glory, i build knight's vow for my own burst carries, i ult zed when he all-ins my marksman and so on. I'm getting reported at least three times every single game (or that's what they say, anyway) simply because of the champion i play. Can i get banned for playing skarner top just because he is off meta? I've played a lot of off meta picks before, but never ever faced as much hate as i do now. I like playing tanks that provide utility for their team. I love juggernauts and i hate blindly following the meta (aka solocarry duelist carries) and not only am i enjoying playing skarner a lot, i am also performing much, much better than when i play champions like Ornn, Urgot, Mordekaiser or Camille. I had a solid 20% win rate after Aatrox's rework - and it was dropping. No matter what i did, i couldnt seem to win - i was prepared to re-enter platinum. If Skarner top is not okay, can i at least be informed of it so that i can change my ways? Because contrary to the majority of the playerbase, nowhere in the tou or similar does it pinpoint what champions i can play where. I KNOW Skarner is a jungler, but he has been performing awfully recently in the jungle - and i am finding decent success with him in top lane. I'm no longer certain what is punishable or not after the singed support / nunu support thing, because it seems to me anyone can get banned from the game if enough people gang up on them. Public outcry / witch hunts, that sort of thing. But what else can i do? Skarner is my strongest champion - the alternative is playing something i have no clue how to play with, and consistently ruining the games for my teammates on my way down to whatever new rank i now belong in. So can i get banned for this? Is playing Skarner top punishable if i'm genuinely trying to win, and not straight up feeding every single game i play? And as it stands, i feel like i induce rage, frustration and toxicity in my teammates when if i had played along with their meta, there might have been none. It feels like i am causing toxicity, and that means i am indirectly corrupting the playerbase by making everybody i get placed with toxic, just because of my off-meta champion pick. I feel like that might be considered sabotaging or griefing my team as well, because while my intentions are good (proper frontline with woth peel and initiation) everybody just seems to get so incredibly angry.
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