Which Word Did I Get Banned For Saying?

I'm pretty sure every time I get banned it's either because I said the word 'f ag'/'f a gg ot', or mentioned 'DotA' (woops, jealous much?) which I don't see the issue with as I don't even have homosexuals on my radar. If you look at the dictionary definition it actually means that something is a drag or a pain in the ass, a toil. Which is how the it originated as a term to discriminate against minorities SUCH AS homosexuals. I prefer to use words with actual meaning without all the bullshit and unnecessary cultural baggage people attach to them. Context is very important and this ban-bot can't judge that. I only ever call certain champions 'f ags', or 'f ag gots'. I NEVER bash on the player. Yet without fail I get banned every time I say that word. No matter how much I try to remedy it with the other players and explain my perspective. There's a bunch of unforgiving and unpleasant people playing this game that go around reporting people solely for the purpose of getting them banned. It's an abuse of power and Riot is promoting it. I sent them a ticket and he kept evading my questions. Then when I finally asked if he was a robot because I sincerely could not tell by his automated responses, he proceeded to close my ticket claiming that they had solved all my issues. I still don't know if that was a person or a bot.. Anyways one of my main questions for him that he didn't answer was, WHY WAS I BANNED? What word did I say that was ban-able? Here is the log; ... : i dont play this game v much : and mallzahar is a fa g got hero : poor babys : safe space : i forgot lol is for babys : XD : its a fun game : except people ban you for anything : LOL : LOL wp : how do you know what i said if there was stars : ? : you can remove them?> : so if you want to see ppl swewar dont be a c un t about it :) : am I? : i dont agree : how is f ag hate speech : i ddint see anything about homosexuals : you implied that : small minded : report yourselkf : WHAT : I DIDNT USE THE N WORD LOSER : gay and f ag got asrent the same\ : what you think they are?> : YOU ARE A PUSSY THEN : WHO HAS SIOLENCE? : poor babies Post-Game : stop fucking crying : the word f ag is like calling someone stupid : same shit : you guys are blowing this way out of porportion : as always with soft ppl in LoL : thats thee biggest problem ji have with this game : i say one wrong thing and im banned : that is fucking sad : losers : go fuck yourself : i forgot : i dont play often : i come back to play with friends : i kleave because of this bs : i play dota : ppl in dota arent soft : they make fun of eachother : its normal Is it because I called the people who were threatening me with bans c un ts because they purposefully have the language filter off so they can pick on people who said something wrong and try to aggravate them into saying more things to ensure the ban on report? Is it because I said the word homosexual? Is it because I said the word gay? Or called them babies? Small-minded? Pussy? Fuck? Loser? Or because I mentioned dota? Is the guy that was greifing me banned? Oh and Riot you are welcome for the in-game purchases I bought an hour before my ban. I asked to have a refund on my in-game purchases so I could spend that on interesting visual items for a similar more original game title that I like to play that isn't trying to scam me. Of course, when you spend money on Riot, it is gone, regardless of the circumstance. They will not return anything ever. Literally they care mostly about making money and that is important to remember. I'm having a hard time understanding how people can be have such low self esteem that reading the word 'f ag got' in all-chat (because they turned the filter off) hurts them somehow, lol. But hey I'm just that trash that said f ag got, so I don't deserve to play your free-to-play rip-off game title with the visual items I just purchased. I'm only posting this because your moderator completely disregarded my questions and wrote me off. If someone can inform me as to what I said that was wrong, and what is bad about it that would be great. Oh by the way I offered to the moderator that if he lifted my ban I would disable cross-team chat, and not say f ag, but I think it was a robot so negotiation was impossible.
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